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Centrix Delivery Systems Deliver Stellar Performance!

Talent and expertise are most important when it comes to providing patients with quality care; however, the products you work with play a crucial role in the process.

Tempit-E Won the Prestigious Dental Advisor Preferred Product Award!

Tempit-E, our moisture-activated temporary filling and sealing material with eugenol, was awarded the Preferred Product Award for 2023 by The Dental Advisor
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INDUSTRY FIRST! Centrix invents the Dental Composite Syringe

Everyone has an idea or a dream; not everyone has the courage to pursue it. Dr. Dragan set himself apart by paying attention to the problems that fellow dentists were facing and then designing the solution. In 1968, while noting the challenges of mixing and placing two-part materials that were becoming more viscous, therefore, harder [...]

Encore® D/C MiniMix® Core Buildup Delivery System Puts Cross-Contamination Worries to Rest!

Encore D/C comes in a MiniMix format that eliminates cross-contamination concerns as well as material waste.

The Core Buildup Checklist!

Dental Product Shopper recently wrote a blog post which outlined the main focus points that clinicians have when shopping for a new core buildup composite. We're here to shout the praises of Encore D/C, our amazing dual-cure, core buildup composite, which comes in a unique MiniMix delivery system.

A Knockout Product – Champ™ Pit and Fissure Sealant

Sealants are one of the most-recommended, yet most under-used treatments to prevent tooth decay. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states, "Only about 20% of children at poverty level and only 40% of kids from higher-income homes actually receive recommended sealants.”

Control Costs and Cross-Contamination with LolliCaine® Topical Anesthetic Gel

LolliCaine is a Fast-acting 20% Benzocaine Gel that Tastes Great! Dental Product Shopper recently wrote a blog post touting clinicians' favorite features of LolliCaine. We were thrilled that there were so many positive comments written about one of our favorite products in the Centrix lineup. Now available in both a unit-dose LolliPack® and our new [...]
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Spotlight on Robert Fucci, Jr. RDH, BS

Life as an Oral Care Specialist and Educator: Promoting Prevention for Life Working as dental hygienist, Robert Fucci Jr. RDH, BS, does more than just clean teeth. Education truly drives his role. He educates his patients on their oral health, proper oral hygiene, nutritional counseling; and advises on ways to prevent oral cancer, such as [...]
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Centrix Promoted a Gentler Means of Retraction with the Release of Access® Edge and AccessFLO®

Centrix continued on their mission of Making Dentistry Easier by addressing the need for improvement in retraction materials. In 2012 Access® Edge, a high-viscosity retraction paste, was released, quickly followed by a low-viscosity relative, AccessFLO®, in 2013. Both Access Edge and AccessFLO are kaolin clay-based gingival retraction pastes, containing 15% aluminum chloride, providing dual astringent [...]
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Another Centrix Innovation, the Disposable Benda® Brush Applicator

Sometimes complicated problems have a simple solution. In 1989, Dr. Dragan addressed a challenge he faced - how to accurately apply a variety of dental materials into hard-to-access application sites - with the invention of disposable bendable brushes. His colleagues laughed at the idea, but he didn't let this slow him down on his pursuit [...]
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Another Centrix Innovation, Tempit Temporary Filing Materials

Four unique temporary filling materials, one delivery system. In February of 1984, Dr. Dragan addressed the challenges dental professionals were facing with temporary restoration materials by releasing Tempit® to the market. The frustration of messy applications, caused by mixing and spatulation, was replaced with the ease of a pre-filled tip that snapped directly into Centrix [...]
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Centrix Changes Material Delivery with Another Industry First – AccuDose® Tubes & Plugs

If you've ever had a toothache you know it can affect everything you do, causing substantial pain and constant irritation. Lack of dental health can impair the physical and mental state in even the strongest people.
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Avoid Cross-Contamination in Endo Procedures

To our Endodontic Community: Infection and the treatment and prevention of cross-contamination is at the core of RCT. Centrix delivers products designed to help you help your patients with infection prevention at their heart. The FDA recommends disposal of contaminated multiple-use dental dispensers in order to avoid the risk of cross-contamination to patients. Centrix is [...]
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Centrix is proud to announce that E-Lieve received “New Product” focus in Dental Product Shopper January Issue

E-LieveSoothing relief for minor soft-tissue irritation before, during, and after procedures Even with the advent of modern dental treatments, many common dental procedures can still cause secondary issues such as damaged, irritated and painful soft tissue around the mouth or gingiva. Rubber dam use often leaves lips and the corners of the mouth dried, cracked [...]
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Relieve with E-Lieve™!

Now there is a faster, easier solution for moistening and soothing minor soft tissue irritation before, during and after dental procedures! E-Lieve Vitamin E, in unit-dose tubes is the latest innovation from Centrix! We've all learned about the benefits of using Vitamin E to help soothe irritated tissue, but who wants to mess with cutting [...]

Centrix is Making Dentistry and Etching Easier with Onyx™ – 40% Phosphoric Acid Etchant

Onyx is a Powerful, effective etchant with the highest acid content on the market - 40% phosphorous acid. High Contrast & Easy to Use

Centrix Makes Cleaning and Lubricating Instruments Easier with LubeCube®

LubeCube® is a simple solution to a complicated problem. The low-cost, single use, disposable foam cube provides a quick and effective way to clean, condition and lubricate your favorite instruments.

No Mixing, No Mess, No Waste with NoMIX® Temporary Cement

NoMIX® Temporary Cement is another best-in-class product, in the long line of Centrix innovative products, and was introduced to the dental industry in 2004.

Order GingiTrac™ VPS Gingival Retraction System as a Gift to Yourself and Your Patients this Holiday Season

Centrix has been making waves in the field of dentistry for over 50 years. It started with the original C-R Syringe in 1970 and continued with the release of many innovative products that have been making dentistry easier, ever since.

Centrix makes shaping, finishing and polishing easy & quick with GripStrip™!

The interproximal finishing and polishing tool, GripStrip, is coated with a high percentage of ultrafine diamond abrasives for fast and exact shaping, finishing and polishing of proximal surfaces.

February is an Important Month for Oral Health!

February is National Gum Disease Awareness and Children's Dental Health Month, and we at Centrix want to help raise awareness to both causes.
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Access® BLUE Bite Registration Joins the Ranks of Best Products from Dental Product Shopper’s Evaluation

Acces BLUE Bite Registration is getting its chance to shine on DPS' Best Product list, joining other exceptionally rated Centrix products.
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The Top Fluoride Varnish Just got Better – Centrix Releases FluoroDose® Fluoride Varnish in a new and improved Packaging

Centrix is taking FluoroDose®, award-winning fluoride varnish, to the next level. The same loved features remain, but now come in a fully enclosed LolliTray™, the patented, hygienic, and ergonomic design!

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