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Centrix Delivery Systems Deliver Stellar Performance!

Talent and expertise are most important when it comes to providing patients with quality care; however, the products you work with play a crucial role in the process.
Centrix, News

Centrix Receives Recognition from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry

Centrix has been honored by the University of Maryland School of Dentistry for its significant support in advancing the School's mission.

Don’t Let Insurance Dictate Treatment – Adults Need Sealants Too!

Despite the well-established benefits, dental sealants remain underutilized, especially in adult patients.
Centrix, New Product

Why Tempit®-E is the Best Product to Add to Your Temporization Procedures

How has Temporary Filling and Sealing Changed in the Last 50 Years? (That's a trick question, because it hasn't. Until now.) On June 1, 2020, Centrix introduced Tempit-E, temporary filling & sealing material with eugenol. Tempit-E is pre-mixed so it eliminates the one thing you dislike about IRM and gives you back the one thing you so desperately need...time!

Making Dentistry Easier® (and Safer) Through Unit-Dose Packaging

Your team doesn't have to spend all day preparing for a procedure as Centrix Dental unit-dose products are faster and easier to use and there is no more disinfecting large, bulky packaging!

A Day to Celebrate Amazing Dentists Like You – Your Needs Always Come First at Centrix®!

Centrix celebrates dentists not only on National Dentists Day but every day.
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