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You know the importance of preventive care, yet it’s very easy to let your daily routine get in the way of good protocols.

Prevention burnout is all too common.

Our goal is to reinvigorate the prevention advocate within you!

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of Adults have dental caries in permanent teeth.1
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lost in productivity in the U.S. each year due to untreated oral disease.1
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school hours lost each year due to unplanned urgent dental care.1

You have the power to influence peoples' lives!

What is Prevention for Life?

Prevention for Life is a program we developed to help you maintain great oral health throughout your patients’ lifetimes.

We believe in preventive dentistry that ensures optimal oral health at every stage of life. Our program is supported by specific informational tools that help you and your team members successfully treat patients of ALL ages, according to their risk level — and not limited by their insurance reimbursement.

Caries Doesn’t Have an Age Limit!

Preventive treatments like fluoride varnish and sealants should be recommended to patients of all ages based on their risk level. You know it better than anyone, as these are YOUR patients.

Take the lead today to stop decay for ALL of your patients!

Optimize Your Practice for Better Patient Outcomes

As a dental hygienist, your primary goal is to provide outstanding oral health care to your patients. Our Practice Health Calculator is designed to help you understand the impact of preventative treatments on your patients’ oral health and the overall health of your practice.

Enhance Patient Outcomes: By integrating effective preventive treatments, you contribute to significant reductions in dental decay and enhance overall patient satisfaction.

Support Practice Viability: Understand how these treatments can be implemented affordably while still supporting the financial health of your practice, making preventive care accessible to more patients.

Promote Informed Decisions: Use this tool to demonstrate to your practice managers or owners the benefits of adopting a more cost-effective pricing strategy for preventive care, encouraging broader implementation.

How it works:

Input details about your daily patient interactions, treatment costs, and pricing. The calculator will provide:

Operational Impact: By adopting preventive treatments, you can see an estimated increase in patient engagement and a reduction in long-term treatment costs. For example, regular fluoride varnish applications can reduce the need for future fillings or crowns, thus lowering overall treatment costs for your practice.

Financial Health: The tool calculates potential revenue impacts from new pricing strategies that make preventive care more accessible. This might include showing the profit per treatment session and projecting annual savings from reduced intensive treatments.

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Empower Your Practice with

Our Prevention Toolkit

With our easy, downloadable Prevention Toolkit, you will have all the tools you need to be a change agent for your patients.

Effective Preventive Tools

Learn how to utilize preventive tools for maximum benefit, ensuring your patients receive the best care possible.

Patient Assessment Tips

Discover how to incorporate the importance of preventive care into your initial assessment, making a compelling case for your patients.

Communication Strategies

Gain access to communication tools that help overcome barriers, ensuring patients accept preventive therapy regardless of insurance or other concerns.

Prevention for Life

Lunch & Learn

Taught Remotely with Lunch (or Breakfast) Delivered to Your Office!

Getting your patients through life caries-free is attainable; it just takes deliberate intervention at every stage of life. This course will examine those risks and behaviors as they relate to your patient groups by age. You will use evidence-based risk factors to determine who will benefit from what level of intervention and learn to construct patient-centered strategies to affect change.

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Review of Current Best Practices

Materials and Clinical Techniques

Take Your Expertise to the Next Level

On-Demand Webinars

Stay updated with the latest practices in preventive care through our on-demand webinars. Enjoy the flexibility to learn at your own pace and earn valuable CE credits designed to fit your busy schedule.

Flexible Learning

Expert-Led Sessions

Earn CE Credits

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Prevention-Centered Success

CE Credits: 1 CEU

This webinar reviews why restoration alone is not a cure for caries disease and why focusing on strengthening tooth structure and modifying oral biofilms to favor dental health is key. It also emphasizes that dental caries must be managed as a chronic disease throughout a patients’ lifetime and that motivating patients to change is best achieved when the entire dental team is calibrated and committed to a prevention centered approach.

Silver Diamine Fluoride and Beyond: Caries Management & Prevention for Adult Patients

CE Credits: 1 CEU

Caries is increasing in the adult patients you treat every day. This CE webinar will address the guidelines and treatment protocols that will help successfully prevent and manage dental decay in this population. We will discuss silver diamine fluoride; break down some of the common misconceptions surrounding its use and demonstrate how you can improve your standard operative/restorative treatment protocol by incorporating SDF into the routine hygiene appointment, whenever clinically appropriate. If you believe SDF is only for pediatric and geriatric patients, this webinar will change your approach.

Prevention That Makes Sense May Not Be Happening in Your Office

CE Credits: 1 CEU

Have you ever been confused regarding all of the information around caries prevention? Should I use a gel, or varnish? What age needs fluoride? Or, who is really at risk and how do I have these conversations with my patients? This CE webinar will break down the standards of care in dentistry regarding the Who, How and What of prevention that you can provide your patients. Additionally, this presentation will take a look at emerging trends and how you can develop and/or take your existing prevention program to the next level.

Check out Centrix’s Full Line of Prevention Products!

FluoroDose fluoride varnish in five flavors: Bubble Gum, Caramel, Cherry, Melon, and Mint.


A simple, yet effective way to maintain oral health for all patients is through the routine application of fluoride varnish. FluoroDose fluoride varnish is the most-awarded fluoride varnish on the market. It contains 5% sodium fluoride, the maximum dosage allowed in a convenient, single-use package. For most offices FluoroDose costs less than $1 per application and only takes 1 extra minute to apply to your patients.

SilverSense SDF

Transform the Way You Treat Your Patients! SilverSense SDF is an evidence-based solution that helps deliver better patient care by alleviating hypersensitivity and providing benefits that will allow your patients to comfortably wait for restorative treatment. With SilverSense SDF, there is no fear of ‘black teeth’ as it does NOT stain healthy enamel or dentin (though infected lesions may turn darker).


Champ is a bioactive light-activated, pit and fissure sealant that does not require a bonding agent. Champ utilizes a moisture-tolerant chemistry that seals out micro-leakage for a long-lasting sealant. Simply etch, rinse, apply and cure.


Exposé is the simplest-to-use caries detector available today. Instead of messy squeeze bottles or syringes, Exposé is pre-dried on a Benda Micro applicator. Simply touch it to a wet tooth surface to apply. No drip or mess that can stain clothing or soft tissue.


LolliCaine topical anesthetic features fast-acting 20% benzocaine gel in a convenient single-use LolliPack package. The disposable packaging reduces cross-contamination and eliminates the need for cleaning up or wiping down bulky jars. Use wherever topical anesthesia is indicated.

D/Sense® Crystal™

D/Sense Crystal is a one-step, dual-action desensitizer gel and cavity liner that is fast-acting and long-lasting. Calcium oxalate and potassium nitrate crystals penetrate deeply to occlude the tubules and seal the dentin surface with a continuous, acid-resistant complex.

New Preventive Solutions to Consider:


Studies show that when used in conjunction with fluoride varnish, povidone iodine may increase caries prevention rates.5,6 Povidone iodine is fast and easy – the solution is applied to high-risk areas with a cotton swab prior to the application of fluoride varnish.

Peptide Technology

This is a solution that can be used in the earliest stages of lesion formation to rebuild the lesion. While the technology is promising, it is new and additional research will allow for better understanding of its potential.



2, 3, 4.

5. Milgrom PM, Tut OK, Mancl LA. Topical iodine and fluoride varnish effectiveness in the primary dentition: a quasi-experimental study. J Dent Child (Chic). 2011 Sep-Dec;78(3):143-7. PMID: 22126926.

6. Milgrom P, Tut O, Rothen M, Mancl L, Gallen M, Tanzer JM. Addition of Povidone-Iodine to Fluoride Varnish for Dental Caries: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JDR Clin Trans Res. 2021 Apr;6(2):195-204. doi: 10.1177/2380084420922968. Epub 2020 May 21. PMID: 32437626; PMCID: PMC7970344.

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