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Champ® is a bioactive, resin-based hydrophilic sealant that readily penetrates into and adapts to the pits and fissures, tightly seals at the margins and has greater strength and durability than traditional or GI-based materials.

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Product Description

Champ is a bioactive, resin-based hydrophilic sealant that readily penetrates into and adapts to the pits and fissures, tightly seals at the margins and has greater strength and durability than traditional or GI-based materials. These properties make Champ less technique-sensitive and easier to place. Simply etch, rinse, apply and cure.

Choose the Delivery Style That’s Right for You:

Convenient single-dose LolliPack®.

Hygienists love it because it is easy to use, with great access to all surfaces, especially in the posterior. The LolliPack eliminates the need for time-consuming infection control procedures – and eliminates cross-contamination. Each application contains one 0.25 mL dose of Champ sealant and one Benda Brush applicator.

Multi-patient syringe.

The traditional delivery system containing 1.2 mL Champ sealant

Only Champ delivers all of these benefits for today’s busy hygiene practice:

  • Bioactive resin that works with the tooth’s own bio-mechanical properties for a long-lasting, tightly sealed, highly durable seal.
  • Champ is white but thin so it blends in with the surrounding portion of tooth.
  • Moisture friendly, Champ is easily placed, tolerant in ‘wet’ environment and stays in place.
  • Convenient packaging allows you to choose the delivery format that is right for you and your patient.
  • Contains No Bisphenol A, No Bis-GMA, No Bis-DMA
  • Made in the USA

How To's

  1. Thoroughly clean enamel surfaces with oil-free cleaning paste. Remove all debris.
  2. Rinse well, removing all residual paste from pits and fissures in enamel.
  3. Prepare problematic enamel.
  4. Isolate treatment area and dry lightly with oil-free compressed air.
  5. Apply phosphoric acid etching gel to the clean tooth surface for 15 seconds. Rinse well.
  6. Lightly dry and remove excess water with a cotton pellet or clean compressed air. Leave tooth surfaces slightly moist. Champ bonds to surfaces slightly moist from saliva; however, it is best to not let saliva contaminate the prep area.
  7. Grip the foil cover and slowly peel back, exposing the brush applicator and sealant well.
  8. Remove applicator brush.
  9. Paint a thin film of Champ onto treatment area. Brush the material from cusp to cusp, but do not cover the marginal ridges.
  10. Light cure. Cures with all lights. Curing time for a halogen light with a minimum of 300 mW/cm2 is 20 seconds. More powerful lights will cure faster.
  11. Check and adjust occlusion if necessary.
  12. Throw away all packaging once procedure complete.


Do I etch before placing Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant?

Always etch enamel. Etching of enamel has been proven to increase longevity and success of sealants. We recommend Onyx 40% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel; 40% H3PO4 means fast and effective etching and its black silicone particles provide the highest contrast/visibility on tooth surfaces so you can etch exactly where you desire and then be able to rinse completely.

How wet do I leave the tooth before placing Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant?

Champ works best on slightly moist tooth surfaces. Lightly dry the tooth with compressed air or a cotton pellet, but do not desiccate. The tooth should appear shiny or glossy. There should be no drops or pooling of water.

Is it possible to dry the tooth too much?

Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant is moisture activated. Though it will seal on a dry tooth, Champ works best in the presence of moisture. You can always slightly wet the tooth by rubbing a moist cotton pellet over the prepared area.

Is it necessary to use a bonding agent with Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant?

No; Champ has proven retention without the use of bonding agents.

How many teeth does a kit seal?

Single Patient Lollipack – Each Champ single patient Lollipack contains 0.25mL of material, enough for about 4-6 teeth. The 16-pack kit will seal 64-96 teeth; the 64-pack kit will seal 256-384 teeth.

Syringe – Each 1.2 mL syringe seals 20-30 teeth. A kit of 4 x 1.2 mL syringes seals 80-120 teeth.

How long will Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant stay on the teeth?

The clinical data to date indicate that approximately 10% of the sealants placed required repair or replacement over a 5-year period. The teeth sealed with Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant were ~99% caries free.

How long do I light cure Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant?

Light cure time with a standard halogen light (~300mW/cm2) is 20 seconds. More powerful lights will cure faster.

Does Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant cure with all lights?


Is Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant fluoride releasing?

Yes. Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant effectively releases fluoride under aqueous conditions for 30 days post-placement.

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