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Tempit-E Won the Prestigious Dental Advisor Preferred Product Award!

Tempit-E, our moisture-activated temporary filling and sealing material with eugenol, was awarded the Preferred Product Award for 2023 by The Dental Advisor


We are thrilled to announce that Tempit-E, our moisture-activated temporary filling and sealing material with eugenol, was awarded the Preferred Product Award for 2023 by the prestigious independent dental materials testing laboratory, The Dental Advisor. We appreciate this recognition as the selection process is very thorough, taking into account clinical and evidence-based research. This seal of approval means Tempit-E is one of the best in its category, providing optimal results every time. 

Tempit-E has been a favorite among our customers since its inception. This temporary filling and sealing material contains calcium sulfate, zinc oxide, and eugenol. The palliative eugenol formulation works especially well in cases of reversible pulpal inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic properties that aid pulpal healing. Tempit-E is fast and easy to work with. It is moisture-activated and sets in 5 minutes. The material expands slightly when set to seal out microleakage and bacterial ingress, providing reliable results and giving you and the patient a peace of mind. 

Not all temporary restorations are the same. Centrix is Making Dentistry (and Temporization) Easie® by offering the right material for any clinical situation to meet its unique requirements. In addition to Tempit-E, you can choose from 3 other Tempit formulas:

Tempit – For Endo access cavity sealing. Moisture activated, expands slightly to completely seal any opening.

Tempit L/C – Inlay/onlay indirect restorations. Sets firm but flexible so it can be plucked off the restoration with an instrument; no bur required.

Tempit Ultra-F – Long term restorations. Harder wearing for long-term cases and bruxers. Also, ideal as a tooth-colored restorative material for deciduous teeth (prior to exfoliation).

What’s more, all Tempits come in pre-filled unit-dose tips and work with any Centrix C-® or similar composite gun. No mixing required, no mess and no cross-contamination. Precise placement and maximum asepsis. All it takes is 4 easy steps!

  1. Remove cap from the unit dose tip.
  2. Place tip into dispensing gun.
  3. Inject directly into prep. (Tempit and Tempit-E are moisture activated and both set in 5 minutes. Tempit L/C and Ultra-F are light activated.)
  4. Discard the tip after use. No cleanup needed!

To purchase or learn more about the Tempit line of temporary filling and sealing materials, visit our website

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