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Centrix Delivery Systems Deliver Stellar Performance!

Talent and expertise are most important when it comes to providing patients with quality care; however, the products you work with play a crucial role in the process.


A dental professional without effective and reliable delivery systems is like a painter without a brush. Your talent and expertise are most important when it comes to providing patients with quality care; however, the products you work with play a crucial role in the process as well. We at Centrix take pride in our comprehensive line of delivery systems which includes syringes, dispensing guns, tubes & plugs, mixing nozzles & tips and applicators. Our innovative solutions Make Dentistry Easier for you every day, and enable you to consistently perform your best work.

We invite you to check out our full line of delivery systems but here are a few highlights:

AccuDose® Disposable Tubes & Plugs

We’ve eliminated the repetitive pad-to-mouth motion with our disposable tubes and plugs, putting the entire mixture at your fingertips. Our AccuDose line allows you to quickly dispense any type of composite or cement while reducing voids and porosities in any restoration. Whatever viscosity or application you need, we have the right solution for you. Our tubes and plugs are disposable yet remain cost-effective, so you can eliminate cleanup and cross-contamination without breaking the bank.

Benda® Brush

The original bendable bristle-brush applicator, the Benda Brush, features non-linting, non-absorbent, chemical resistant fibers that hold up to the harshest dental materials and allow for greater carrying capacity and better smoothing and spreading action. The molded head design allows it to bend to any angle with no bounce back. All Benda Brushes are disposable, eliminating cleanup and cross-contamination. They are available in several styles, sizes, and colors so you can pick exactly what works best for your needs. 

C-® Syringes and Guns

Looking for a fast, easy, and precise way to place composites, cements, glass ionomers, impression material and other flowable materials? Look no further than our C-R guns and syringes. Trusted by dentists for decades, these ergonomic tools are available in both the traditional syringe style or the high-leverage gun style that requires less hand pressure. Our C-R syringes and guns can be used with all pre-filled and empty tips currently on the market and are autoclavable for infection control.

SuperMixer™ Mixing Nozzles

Centrix high-efficiency, high-performance mixers are easier to use when compared to old-style nozzles, and they reduce material waste by up to 38%! Designed for 1:1 cartridge systems, SuperMixers allow for more complete and consistent mixing of dental materials of any viscosity. Reduce waste, save time, eliminate frustration, and increase profits with SuperMixer Mixing Nozzles. Make the switch today! 

If you have any questions or suggestions for how our delivery systems can continue Making Dentistry Easier for you, feel free to contact us. Call 800.235.5862 or reach out to your knowledgeable Centrix Account Manager! 

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