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Centrix is Making Dentistry and Etching Easier with Onyx™ – 40% Phosphoric Acid Etchant

Onyx is a Powerful, effective etchant with the highest acid content on the market - 40% phosphorous acid. High Contrast & Easy to Use

onyxCentrix takes pride in our efforts of Making Dentistry Easier and Onyx™, 40% phosphoric acid etchant, is no different. It has a higher acid content than competitors making it the strongest and most effective etchant. The gel stays where it is placed, without running, for a cleaner application.

Black silicon carbide particles are high contrast offering great visibility in comparison to the light colors utilized by competitors, making it easier to see where you have etched for a complete coat. The etch rinses away cleanly and completely, leaving no room for question since it is easy to see if any black remains. There is no dye, so no chance of staining porous surfaces.

Onyx is works with any bonding system or technique requiring etching, with the versatility to be used as a selective or total etch on dentin or enamel. Onyx pairs perfectly with Champ Pit & Fissure sealant to ensure a long-lasting, tight, highly-durable seal in four easy steps: Etch with Onyx, Rinse, Apply Champ and cure!

Learn more about the features of Onyx and how it continues the Centrix goal of Making Dentistry Easier!

For more information, call 800.235-5862 or visit www.centrixdental.com



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