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Access® BLUE Bite Registration Joins the Ranks of Best Products from Dental Product Shopper’s Evaluation

Acces BLUE Bite Registration is getting its chance to shine on DPS' Best Product list, joining other exceptionally rated Centrix products.

Access® BLUE Bite Registration is getting its chance to shine on Dental Product Shopper’s Best Product list, joining other exceptionally rated Centrix products including: Tempit®, FluoroDose® and LolliCaine®. Access BLUE underwent testing and evaluation by several dental professionals and the verdict is in, the accurate, stable, quick-setting bite registration is one of the best.

Access BLUE is changing the dread typically associated with taking impressions, for patients and professionals alike. The formula is tasteless and odorless providing a far more comfortable experience for the patients than previous products. The quick-setting, dimensionally stable formula stays where it is placed Making Dentistry, and bite registrations, Easier for dental professionals.


From start to finish, Access® BLUE improves the process every step of the way. The material is easy to dispense and does not stick to soft tissues, as noted by Dr. Kapish Goyal, who called out the consistency of the flow as his favorite feature in his evaluation. The formula has a working time of 30 seconds and sets similarly to lab plaster in less than one minute, enabling cutting, trimming, and transport without breaking or crumbling.

Centrix didn’t stop at making the application process easier, we also improved the end results. Dr. Joy Poskozim dubbed Access BLUE “a product she can count on to work the first time,” while Eric Burton, DDS, called out “the detailed capture” and easier fabrication with “minimal distortions.”

The full article provides a more detailed breakdown of the features that prompted professionals to award Access BLUE with the exceptional score of 4.6 earning its place in the Best Product Category.

The end result is clear, the versatility, stability, comfortable bite registration is another success for Centrix in the quest of Making Dentistry Easier, one impression at a time!

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