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Dental Product Shopper highlights Tempit-E, in their August Peer-to-Peer Review with a 4.2 rating!

Learn how the newest innovation from Centrix, Tempit-E, temporary filling and sealing material with eugenol, is the best thing to happen to temporization in 50 years! In this peer-to-peer review, you'll hear from many dental professionals who have tried and loved Tempit-E. They explain the benefits of Tempit-E to their practice and their patients, while [...]

Centrix is excited to announce that NoCord received a 4.1% from the Dental Product Shopper Peer to Peer Review!

Overall SatisfactionBecause of its ability to produce stable final impressions, combined with other convenient features, NoCord VPS received a Recommended Product rating from DPS evaluators. Most clinicians said they would recommend this impressioning system to others, and many pointed out its good mixing characteristics, zero distortion, and extension beyond margins. Dr. Krantz said he would [...]
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“Beyond… Just Restoring Teeth.”

Dr. Alan Pressman focuses on the whole-patient experience in his Spring Valley, New York practice. A new fan of NoCord VPS, Dr. Alan F. Pressman of Springs Valley, NY, (Boston University Dental School graduate) was interviewed by the Dental Product Shopper about why he now uses NoCord VPS in his practice. Dr. Pressman prides himself on [...]
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Early Gifts that Make Dentistry Easier for Your Staff

Samantha Negraval, of Dental Product Shopper, recently posted a blog featuring two of our favorite products: FluoroDose® fluoride varnish, and NoCord™ VPS Impressioning System. Samantha writes, "With the holidays quickly approaching, many dentists will begin to think of what they might purchase for their staff as a way of saying "thank you." Before you consider out-of-office gifts, [...]
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Centrix’s E-Lieve Soothes Irritation and Prevents Cross-Contamination

Check out Dental Product Shopper Part 2 Blog on E-lieve! In this new blog, Dental Product Shopper shares that Centrix is known for developing and manufacturing single-patient products that help prevent cross contamination.
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Access® BLUE Bite Registration Joins the Ranks of Best Products from Dental Product Shopper’s Evaluation

Acces BLUE Bite Registration is getting its chance to shine on DPS' Best Product list, joining other exceptionally rated Centrix products.

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