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Centrix Receives Recognition from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry

Centrix has been honored by the University of Maryland School of Dentistry for its significant support in advancing the School's mission.
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Why Tempit®-E is the Best Product to Add to Your Temporization Procedures

How has Temporary Filling and Sealing Changed in the Last 50 Years? (That's a trick question, because it hasn't. Until now.) On June 1, 2020, Centrix introduced Tempit-E, temporary filling & sealing material with eugenol. Tempit-E is pre-mixed so it eliminates the one thing you dislike about IRM and gives you back the one thing you so desperately need...time!

Making Dentistry Easier® (and Safer) Through Unit-Dose Packaging

Your team doesn't have to spend all day preparing for a procedure as Centrix Dental unit-dose products are faster and easier to use and there is no more disinfecting large, bulky packaging!

A Day to Celebrate Amazing Dentists Like You – Your Needs Always Come First at Centrix®!

Centrix celebrates dentists not only on National Dentists Day but every day.

Centrix® Products in Antarctica: The Story of Dr. Bob Koff

Dr. Koff has traveled across the globe doing charitable dentistry and engaging in several dental projects.
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Wrapping up 2021 – The 50th Year Celebration Ends on a High Note

As 2021 comes to a close, we look back at the whirlwind year we’ve had and can proudly say that Centrix had a lot of bright spots, success, and triumphs. Definitely fitting for a 50th year celebration we think!
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Let Centrix Help You Recoup Your PPE Costs

We'll show you how to add incremental revenue to each hygiene appointment with our FREE Prevention for Life® online CE Course.
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Centrix is proud to announce that E-Lieve received “New Product” focus in Dental Product Shopper January Issue

E-LieveSoothing relief for minor soft-tissue irritation before, during, and after procedures Even with the advent of modern dental treatments, many common dental procedures can still cause secondary issues such as damaged, irritated and painful soft tissue around the mouth or gingiva. Rubber dam use often leaves lips and the corners of the mouth dried, cracked [...]
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Avoid Cross-Contamination in Endo Procedures

To our Endodontic Community: Infection and the treatment and prevention of cross-contamination is at the core of RCT. Centrix delivers products designed to help you help your patients with infection prevention at their heart. The FDA recommends disposal of contaminated multiple-use dental dispensers in order to avoid the risk of cross-contamination to patients. Centrix is [...]
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Centrix Announces the Release of LolliCaine® Topical Anesthecic in 1-oz. Jars!

LolliCaine features rapid onset 20% benzocaine gel providing temporary relief during periodontal curettage, local injections, scaling, root planing and other dental procedures. Now available in both a unit-dose LolliPack® and our new 1 oz. LolliJar™. Our unique LolliPack packaging reduces cross-contamination and eliminates over-dosing waste, while the economical LolliJar helps to reduce overall material costs. [...]
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Protecting Teeth from White Spots

Have you seen polka-dotted teeth in your office? White spots (otherwise known as Caries Lesions or Hypocalcification) on teeth can result from a variety of causes. Most white spots are formed during the development of the tooth while in the jaw. If the tooth is disturbed, or a change in the body causes the enamel [...]
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Centrix’s E-Lieve Soothes Irritation and Prevents Cross-Contamination

Check out Dental Product Shopper Part 2 Blog on E-lieve! In this new blog, Dental Product Shopper shares that Centrix is known for developing and manufacturing single-patient products that help prevent cross contamination.
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Centrix Goes Virtual!

How much new technology have you learned in the last year? Everyone is sure to have many examples, from Zoom meetings to chat features on almost every website; we've all had to adapt, learn and stay relevant in this quickly-evolving world.
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Relieve with E-Lieve™!

Now there is a faster, easier solution for moistening and soothing minor soft tissue irritation before, during and after dental procedures! E-Lieve Vitamin E, in unit-dose tubes is the latest innovation from Centrix! We've all learned about the benefits of using Vitamin E to help soothe irritated tissue, but who wants to mess with cutting [...]

Keeping Kids’ Teeth Safe this Summer!

There are simple steps parents and guardians can take to keep kids' teeth safe while they are playing at home or with friends. Bathtubs are fun, but can also be dangerous. Some of the most common tooth injuries occur in the bathtub. Along with the danger of drowning in the tub, adults should remember that [...]

GingiTrac™ Cordless Gingival Retraction System!

Gingitrac's 1:1 Vinyl Polysiloxane formula is easier to express, has a longer shelf-life AND a faster set time! Unlike traumatic cord techniques or messy paste alternatives, our patented GingiTrac material delivers the perfect combination of built-in astringency, gentle retraction and fast setting times to assure the most accurate impressions.

Celebrating Black Pioneers in Dentistry During Black History Month

We are very thankful for the contributions Black dentists have made over the decades and look forward to witnessing how their legacy continues to inspire current and future dental professionals to change the lives of their patients!
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Glu/Sense™ Wipes out Post-Op Dentinal Sensitivity!

Eliminates post-operative sensitivity by penetrating and sealing dentin tubules and under restorations. No-drip formula gives control and accuracy.

Wrapping up 2021 – The 50th Year Celebration Ends on a High Note

As 2021 comes to a close, we look back at the whirlwind year we've had and can proudly say that Centrix had a lot of bright spots, success, and triumphs. Definitely fitting for a 50th year celebration we think!

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