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A Day to Celebrate Amazing Dentists Like You – Your Needs Always Come First at Centrix®!

Centrix celebrates dentists not only on National Dentists Day but every day.


Every year on March 6, we celebrate a holiday that not many outside of the dental community know about – National Dentists Day. We at Centrix® would like to raise awareness about this special occasion because we understand how important a dentist’s job is. A healthy smile contributes to good overall health and increased self-confidence. A dentist doesn’t promote preventive care just because that’s what they learned in dental school – they want to see their patients maintain good oral health for life.  A dentist doesn’t just “fill a cavity” – they restore the form and function of the tooth. A dentist doesn’t just perform dentistry – they change their patients’ lives!

Dentistry is not easy – we all know it takes a lot of time, commitment and perseverance to become a dentist. After many grueling years of dental school, dentists are faced with everyday challenges of the profession. Whether it be a complicated case, a patient with behavioral issues, staffing shortages or products that just don’t perform well, there is a lot to overcome. No one will understand the struggles of a dentist better than another dentist, and sometimes this leads to the birth of new innovations. In fact, that is how Centrix® was born. In 1970 our founder, Dr. William B. Dragan, was very impressed with the potential of the, then new, composite materials but knew there needed to be an easier way to deliver them from the mixing pad to the tooth to make the process more efficient for the dentist. After much experimentation, and trial and error, Dr. D (as he is fondly called by his employees) developed and patented the first practical syringe delivery system for composites, the original Mark ITM syringe and the C-R® (Composite Resin) tube and plug. This is how Centrix began Making Dentistry Easier® for dentists like you! 

Over the years, we continued to listen to the needs and demands of the dental profession, creating new products and improving upon existing concepts. We pioneered the unit-dose AccuDose® tubes and plugs for composites and other materials, and the first one-piece bendable head, disposable applicators: Benda® Brush and Benda®Micro. Realizing the importance of asepsis in the dental office, we developed the LolliPack® single-use package and the ergonomic, fully enclosed, patented, LolliTray™ packaging. Centrix FluoroDose® fluoride varnish has been a favorite among patients and clinicians alike for many years and has received many awards for its outstanding features and performance, including the prestigious TOP fluoride varnish award for 6 years in a row, given by THE DENTAL ADVISOR. We also offer the most complete line of Temporization Materials: Tempit® for filling, Access Crown® for temporary crown and bridge, and NoMIX® temporary cement. These are just a few highlights from our product range. To learn more about how Centrix products can help you in your everyday practice, visit our website

Centrix celebrates dentists not only on National Dentists Day but every day. If you ever have any comments or questions regarding our existing products or feel there is anything new we can do to help in Making Dentistry Easier for you or your office, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call 800.235.5862 or reach out to your friendly Centrix rep!

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