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Making Dentistry Easier® (and Safer) Through Unit-Dose Packaging

Your team doesn't have to spend all day preparing for a procedure as Centrix Dental unit-dose products are faster and easier to use and there is no more disinfecting large, bulky packaging!


Improved safety standards and increased efficiency is a goal all dental practices strive towards. Saving time and money while focusing on patient safety is an ideal scenario but it can be hard to achieve, especially in times of crisis such as economic downturns or the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully Centrix® has over 50 years of experience creating the perfect solution: unit-dose delivery systems! Many of our dental innovations are designed with single-patient packaging, preventing cross-contamination while providing the perfect amount of product and eliminating waste. Your team doesn’t have to spend all day preparing for a procedure as unit-dose products are faster and easier to use and there is no more disinfecting large, bulky packaging! With our mini-sized material delivery systems you won’t be throwing money out the window by using more material than necessary.

Check out our Top 5 unit-dose products!

1.    FluoroDose® – Fluoride Varnish With Xylitol
Our award-winning fluoride varnish comes in a LolliTray™ package with a hygienic, ergonomic design and a smooth, easy peel. Simply open, swipe and toss! Forget about the messy gels and foams and choose the TOP varnish to deliver a better experience to your staff and patients.

2.    NoMIX® – Moisture-Activated Temporary Cement
A single-component, moisture-activated temporary cement ideal for short-term applications. NoMIX requires no mixing whatsoever, and you can choose from two delivery options: syringe for chairside application or tube applicators that can be given to the patient to take home for emergencies.

3.    LolliCaine® – Topical Anesthetic Gel
Our fast-acting 20% benzocaine gel not only tastes great, it also comes in the unit-dose LolliPack® that reduces cross-contamination and eliminates over-dosing waste. No more messy jars! It’s the perfect “take-home” pack to treat patients’ post-op discomfort.

4.    Tempit® Family – Four Unique Temporary Filling Materials. One Delivery System.
Four specific and proven temporary filling material formulas, providing optimal results in any clinical situation. Each Tempit product is packaged in pre-filled unit-dose tips so it can be delivered precisely and perfectly every time, directly into the prep using any Centrix C/R Gun.

5.    Exposé – Disposable Caries Indicator
Exposé is the simplest-to-use caries detector product available. It comes pre-dried on a Benda® Micro applicator. Simply touch it to a wet tooth surface to apply. No messy squeeze bottles or syringes and no drip or mess that can stain clothing or soft tissue.
We at Centrix are unit-dose delivery systems specialists! We help eliminate the threat of cross-contamination in your practice so you can focus on providing the highest-quality care for your patients. Visit our website to view our full range of unit-dose products.

If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can continue Making Dentistry Easier for you and your staff, feel free to contact us. Call 800.235.5862 or reach out to your knowledgeable Centrix rep!

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