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Let Centrix Help You Recoup Your PPE Costs

We'll show you how to add incremental revenue to each hygiene appointment with our FREE Prevention for Life® online CE Course.

We’ll show you how to add incremental revenue to each hygiene appointment with our FREE Prevention for Life® online CE Course.

As dental offices resume business and again offer services that were put on hold during the pandemic, they will now face costly infection-control requirements. This is a hard pill to swallow after a few months with little or no income. How do you recoup costs associated with the new regulations and requirements to provide additional and much more expensive PPE for all staff members?

Will you add a PPE charge to each invoice or will you raise your prices for services?

We have another option. Let us show you how to add incremental revenue, AND better patient health, to every hygiene appointment with something as simple as preventive care. Our FREE 2 CE Course is our most-popular educational class and we have been helping hundreds of offices perform more complete preventive care while also adding incremental revenue to their practices.

The Centrix Prevention for Life® Course examines risks and behaviors as they relate to your patient groups by age because each stage of life has its own unique set of risks. We’ll teach you to use evidence-based risk factors to determine who will benefit from what level of intervention and you’ll learn to construct patient-centered strategies to affect change. Change = Increased patient health and increased practice health!

This course can be taught remotely via video conference, or as an in-office lunch and learn. Either way, we provide a free lunch, and you get to learn and earn free CE credits! You’ll come away with the tools needed to provide the best preventive care to your patients, while learning strategies on how to implement that care and add profit to your bottom line.

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For more information on Prevention for Life, visit CariesPrevention.com.

Boost Your Expertise with Our Lunch & Learn Programs!

Join our engaging Lunch & Learn sessions and take your dental skills to the next level. Enjoy a meal while learning from experts about evidence-based solutions, caries prevention, restorative procedures, and more. Enhance your practice and patient outcomes with our comprehensive courses.


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