Tempit® Line

Tempit® Line

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Whether your need is for access cavity sealing, temporary fillings, or temporization prior to inlay and onlay restorations, Centrix has a specific Tempit formula to give you optimum results. Tempit prefilled tips let you inject direct-to-the-prep. No more messy spatulation, squeeze tubes or cross-contaminating jars.


Moisture-Activated Temporary Filling and Sealing Material

  • Ideal for endo access openings and short-term temporaries
  • Moisture-activated, sets in 5 minutes or less
  • Expands slightly when set, seals out microleakage and bacterial ingress
  • Contains calcium sulfate and zinc oxide

Contains: 30 x .35g prefilled tips of Tempit

Tempit® L/C

Light-Activated, Flexible Temporary Restorative Material

  • Sets firm yet flexible
  • Perfect for indirect restorations, inlays/onlays
  • Seals implant screw access openings
  • Easily removed with an explorer without damaging the margins, no bur required
  • Light-activated, sets in 40 seconds or less
  • No etching or bonding agent required
  • Can be used to cover sharp orthodontic brackets

Contains:30 x .25g prefilled tips of Tempit L/C

Tempit® Ultra-F

Light-Activated, Rigid Longer-term Temporaries Restorative Material with Fluoride

  • Perfect for longer-term temporaries
  • High compressive strength for bruxers
  • Ideal for tooth-colored restorations in deciduous teeth
  • Rigid, harder-wearing material, non-eugenol formula with fluoride release
  • Less solubility than reinforced ZOE intermediate restorative material
  • Light-activated, sets in 40 seconds or less
  • No etching or bonding agent required

Contains:30 x .20g prefilled tips of Tempit Ultra-F

Tempit® Essentials

Three Products in One Kit

Three proven temporary filling and sealing materials for every temporary clinical case.

Contains: 10 x .35g prefilled tips of Tempit, 10 x .25g prefilled tips of Tempit L/C, 10 x .20g prefilled tips of Tempit Ultra-F

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Dental Advisor

Tempit Ultra




Why is there a desiccant packed in every jar of Tempit?

As Tempit is a moisture activated material, it is important to keep the prefilled tubes dry. If exposed to excessive humidity or moisture, the material will set or harden in the tip.

Can you use with deciduous teeth?

Yes you can use with baby teeth. Remember Tempit sets under moisture. It will not be absorbed, but it will wash out over time.

Is Tempit absorbable?

Tempit is not absorbable by the body.

What viscosity is Tempit?

Tempit is a "medium" viscosity which is similar to Cavit's white formula.

What syringe would I use to place Tempit?

You can use any Centrix C-R Syringe. For ease of use, we recommend the Snap-Fit Syringe.

Tempit L/C

Should enchants or bonding agents be used with Tempit L/C?

No etching or bonding agent should be used with Tempit L/C. If vital dentin is exposed, it is a good idea to disinfect and treat the dentin with a desensitizer before using Tempit L/C.

Tempit Ultra

Can you use Tempit Ultra as a cavity liner?

No, Tempit Ultra is a temporary restorative material that is not designed as a liner, nor should it be used as a core buildup material.

Will Tempit Ultra adhere to ethyl methacrylate?

No. They do not share the same chemistry so Tempit Ultra will not adhere to ethyl methacrylates when trying to extend margins.

Does Tempit Ultra bond with dentin or enamel?

No, Tempit Ultra was designed to have mechanical retention. When first expressed from tip [before light activated] the material is sticky so as to adhere to the structure. It was designed this way. Tempit Ultra does not shrink when light activated so that the mechanical retention is not compromised and is retention remains tight, which is why the material has to be removed with a burr.

Does Tempit Ultra have eugenol or a sedative in it?

No. Dentists may sometimes select a sedative filling for temporary use in vital, sensitive teeth. Eugenol has been known and used successfully for many years to impart a "calming, soothing effect". It basically works like a temporary anesthetic on the nerve endings to limit the perception of pain.

What syringe would I use to place Tempit Ultra?

You can use any Centrix C-R Syringe. For ease of use, we recommend the Snap-Fit Syringe.

How to Use Tempit

Remove cap.
Place tip into C-R® Syringe.
Squeeze syringe with a slow, steady pressure and inject into a moist cavity.
Tamp down with a wet instrument and dismiss patient.

On return visit, Tempit® may be removed with an explorer.

How to Use Tempit L/C

Rinse and dry cavity.
Place tip into C-R® Syringe handle and remove cap.
Squeeze syringe and inject into preparation, using a slow, steady pres sure. Do not force.
In inlay/onlay applications, keep the contact areas free of material with a matrix band.
Light cure all surfaces for a minimum of 45 seconds.
Check occlusion. Excess can be removed with a rotary instrument or scalpel.
Remove tip from syringe and dispose of properly. Sterilize C-R syringe handle.
To remove TEMPIT® L/C, insert a sharp explorer into the material and pull out. Do not use on patients with a known sensitivity to methacrylate. Do not use in presence of eugenol.

How to Use Tempit Ultra

Do not use in presence of eugenol

Clean and disinfect prep. On exposed pulp, place a calcium hydroxide pulp-capping agent (Calciject™). On vital dentin, a desensitizing liner (Glu/Sense™) is recommended. Do not acid etch or use bonding agents.
Prep should be as dry as possible.
Place TEMPIT® ULTRA tip in syringe. Remove cap and inject. Use a matrix when indicated. Shape and contour with conventional composite instruments. To reduce stickiness, dip instruments in alcohol or refrigerate Tempit® Ultra tips before use.
Light activate with a conventional halogen light source for 40 seconds. TEMPIT® ULTRA will cure up to 6 mm deep.
To adjust occlusion or remove TEMPIT® ULTRA after it is set, use water-cooled diamonds or burs. Keep away from sources of strong visible light. Do not freeze.
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