Tempit Ultra

Light-Activated, Rigid Longer-term Temporary Restorative Material with Fluoride


Tempit® Ultra is perfect for longer-term temporaries. Harder wearing for long-term cases and bruxers. Also is ideal as a tooth-colored restorative material for deciduous teeth (prior to exfoliation).

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Product Description

Just as permanent restorations demand specific materials for different needs, temporary restorations also have different requirements, demanding the right material for each case.

Centrix offers four specific and proven temporary filling material formulas, providing optimal results in any clinical situation. Each Tempit product is packaged in pre-filled unit-dose tips so it can be delivered precisely and perfectly every time, directly into the prep using any Centrix C/R Gun.

Select the right Tempit formula for each case, snap the tip into the gun and simply inject into the prep. This unique delivery system requires no mixing, spatulation or messy placement. Tempit saves time, reduces waste and provides the right filling material for each patient’s need and every temporary application.

Tempit Ultra-F

  • Perfect for longer-term temporaries
  • High compressive strength for bruxers
  • Ideal for tooth-colored restorations in deciduous teeth
  • Rigid, harder-wearing material, non-eugenol formula with fluoride release
  • Less solubility than reinforced ZOE intermediate restorative material
  • Light-activated, sets in 40 seconds or less
  • No etching or bonding agent required

Contains: 30 x .20g prefilled tips of Tempit Ultra-F

How To's

Do not use in presence of eugenol

  1. Clean and disinfect prep. On exposed pulp, place a calcium hydroxide pulp-capping agent (Calciject). On vital dentin, a desensitizing liner (Glu/Sense) is recommended. Do not acid etch or use bonding agents.
  2. Prep should be as dry as possible.
  3. Place Tempit Ultra tip in syringe. Remove cap and inject. Use a matrix when indicated. Shape and contour with conventional composite instruments. To reduce stickiness, dip instruments in alcohol or refrigerate Tempit Ultra tips before use.
  4. Light activate with a conventional halogen light source for 40 seconds. Tempit Ultra will cure up to 6 mm deep.
  5. To adjust occlusion or remove Tempit Ultra after it is set, use water-cooled diamonds or burs. Keep away from sources of strong visible light. Do not freeze.


Can you use Tempit Ultra as a cavity liner?

No, Tempit Ultra is a temporary restorative material that is not designed as a liner, nor should it be used as a core buildup material.

Will Tempit Ultra adhere to ethyl methacrylate?

No. They do not share the same chemistry so Tempit Ultra will not adhere to ethyl methacrylates when trying to extend margins.

Does Tempit Ultra bond with dentin or enamel?

No, Tempit Ultra was designed to have mechanical retention. When first expressed from tip [before light activated] the material is sticky so as to adhere to the structure. It was designed this way. Tempit Ultra does not shrink when light activated so that the mechanical retention is not compromised and is retention remains tight, which is why the material has to be removed with a burr.

Does Tempit Ultra have eugenol or a sedative in it?

No. Dentists may sometimes select a sedative filling for temporary use in vital, sensitive teeth. Eugenol has been known and used successfully for many years to impart a “calming, soothing effect”. It basically works like a temporary anesthetic on the nerve endings to limit the perception of pain.

What syringe would I use to place Tempit Ultra?

You can use any Centrix C-R Syringe. For ease of use, we recommend the Snap-Fit Syringe.

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