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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure – the Importance of Fluoride Varnish

During Oral Health Month, we would like to remind you that prevention is crucial to keeping your patients' smiles healthy throughout their lifetime.
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“Beyond… Just Restoring Teeth.”

Dr. Alan Pressman focuses on the whole-patient experience in his Spring Valley, New York practice. A new fan of NoCord VPS, Dr. Alan F. Pressman of Springs Valley, NY, (Boston University Dental School graduate) was interviewed by the Dental Product Shopper about why he now uses NoCord VPS in his practice. Dr. Pressman prides himself on [...]
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4 Reasons Why Hygienists Love Centrix FluoroDose Fluoride Varnish

Our company continues to introduce original and inventive dental products certain to become the new standard in our industry. Such is the case with award-winning Centrix FluoroDose®, the unit-dose fluoride varnish available in 5 delicious flavors that is easy to use and easy on your patients. In a recent interview with Dental Product Shopper, dental [...]
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Dr. Marty Zase Loves Access Edge!

Dr. Marty Zase, from Colchester, CT, sings his praises for Access Edge, our Kaolin Clay Gingival Retraction Paste: "I use this product every single day in my practice, and honestly I wouldn't want to practice without it!" Access Edge is a high-viscosity, kaolin clay-based gingival retraction paste. It contains kaolin clay, to gently separate the [...]
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Veteran Practitioner, Dr. Polhemus, Shares Thoughts on NoCord VPS Impressioning System

Centrix team members, John Eaton and Nick Campbell, recently visited one of our NoCord VPS fan's, Dr. David Polhemus AACD Cosmetic Dentist of Raleigh, North Carolina, to congratulate him on his practice's 30th anniversary. Dr. David Polhemus is featured in the April 2018 issue of Dental Product Shopper Magazine where he describes how two different [...]
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Dr. Howard S. Glazer Says NoCord VPS Is A “Yes” for Any Practice

Our revolutionary, one-step impressioning system, Centrix NoCord™ VPS, received rave reviews in the November 2016 issue of AGD Impact. Reviewer Dr. Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD calls NoCord a "yes" product for any practice because this easy-to-use system accurately captures all the tooth margin details without the need for retraction cords or pastes. Dr. Glazer [...]
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Centrix Promoted a Gentler Means of Retraction with the Release of Access® Edge and AccessFLO®

Centrix continued on their mission of Making Dentistry Easier by addressing the need for improvement in retraction materials. In 2012 Access® Edge, a high-viscosity retraction paste, was released, quickly followed by a low-viscosity relative, AccessFLO®, in 2013. Both Access Edge and AccessFLO are kaolin clay-based gingival retraction pastes, containing 15% aluminum chloride, providing dual astringent [...]

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