Moisture-Activated Temporary Filling & Sealing Material
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Tempit prefilled tips let you inject direct-to-the-prep. No more messy spatulation, squeeze tubes or cross-contaminating jars.

  • Ideal for endo access openings and short-term temporaries
  • Moisture-activated, sets in 5 minutes or less
  • Expands slightly when set, seals out microleakage and bacterial ingress
  • Contains calcium sulfate and zinc oxide

Contains: 30 x .35g prefilled tips of Tempit

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Why is there a desiccant packed in every jar of Tempit?

As Tempit is a moisture activated material, it is important to keep the prefilled tubes dry. If exposed to excessive humidity or moisture, the material will set or harden in the tip.

Can you use with deciduous teeth?

Yes you can use with baby teeth. Remember Tempit sets under moisture. It will not be absorbed, but it will wash out over time.

Is Tempit absorbable?

Tempit is not absorbable by the body.

What viscosity is Tempit?

Tempit is a "medium" viscosity which is similar to Cavit's white formula.

What syringe would I use to place Tempit?

You can use any Centrix C-R Syringe. For ease of use, we recommend the Snap-Fit Syringe.

How to Use Tempit

Remove cap.
Place tip into C-R® Syringe.
Squeeze syringe with a slow, steady pressure and inject into a moist cavity.
Tamp down with a wet instrument and dismiss patient.

On return visit, Tempit® may be removed with an explorer.

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