Automix Mixing Nozzles
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High-efficiency mixers for less waste!

Centrix SuperMixers are high performance mixing nozzles with new mixing technology, easier-to-use design and up-to-33% reduced material waste!

  • Approximately 25% shorter for easier intra-oral access
  • Up to 33% reduced material waste.
  • Provides even better more thorough mixing
  • Replaces any 1:1 mixing nozzle – same color for same color
  • Designed for the 1:1 automix system

Reduce waste, and get many more uses of every type of material tested, resulting in significant increases in billable fees and increased profits.


Hub ColorTypical 
ApplicationsWaste Reduction (avg.)1Additional Uses (avg.)2*2016 Billable Fees3Incremental Profits*
Blue Hub Temp. Crown & Bridge 27% 12 $139 $1668
Yellow Hub Core Buildup 27% 11 $122 $1342
Pink Hub Retraction 33% 10 n/a n/a
Teal Hub Impression Making 26% 1* n/a n/a

*50mL cartridges

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Automix 1:1 Mixing Nozzles

SuperMixer is the next generation of mixing nozzles with two key benefits. A new mixing technology that provides a streakless, smooth mix and the new shorter design provides a higher-efficiency by reducing material waste of up to 33%.

Are additional mixing nozzles available for Access Temporary Cement?

No, they are not.

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