Silver Diamine Fluoride Clinical Cases

Clinical Cases

It is common to hear that silver diamine fluoride turns teeth black. This is a misconception that prevents clinicians from gaining full benefit from the use of SDF. While infected lesions will turn darker, healthy tooth structure remains unaffected. Review the cases below to see for yourself!

Case 1
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 2
Doctor Summer Lerch
Case 3
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 4
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 5
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 6
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 7
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 8
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 9
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 10
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 11
Doctor Marian Fanica
Case 12
Catherine Cabanzon, CRDH, BASDH
Case 13
Montez Delver Hallback, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Student
Case 14
Montez Delver Hallback, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Student
Case 15
Sara Vasiliou. RDH
Case 16
Doctor Marian Fanica

Clinical Resources

Further reading to expand your understanding of silver diamine fluoride in clinical use.

Abstract: “Although silver products have been used to treat caries in other countries for decades, a lack of formal education about them has contributed to misconceptions about their efficacy after silver diamine fluoride (SDF) received FDA clearance in the United States. As an early adopter of silver diamine fluoride, I would like to shed some light on these common misconceptions.”

Top 5 Misconceptions About Silver Diamine Fluoride article

Dr. Thierry Boulanger demonstrates how silver diamine fluoride has allowed him to successfully manage a variety of cases and improve patient outcomes.

The use of silver diamine fluoride is gaining popularity in the U.S. but many clinicians are still hesitant to use it on their patients due to a few common myths. This document explains what they are and why they aren’t true.

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) has emerged as a revolutionary approach in the management of dental caries. It has been particularly popular in the pediatric, geriatric, special needs, hospitalized and underserved populations, but cli- nicians should realize its benefits for patients of all ages and backgrounds.
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