Centrix Introduces New Employees Welcomed in 2021…


Centrix Introduces New Employees Welcomed in 2021

Randy Dieckman

Randy Dieckman joined Centrix in November 2021 as Production Manager. He oversees manufacturing production across three shifts.

Randy is highly qualified for this position, with more than 25 years’ experience in the chemical manufacturing sector and 20 years as a production manager. He has a strong background in developing company training programs and decision-making as it relates to scheduling, purchasing and operations management. As an inventory control specialist, he also brings customer service and warehouse management skills to the table. All these disciplines combine to make him comfortable with leadership, management, and problem solving.

Randy and his family live in Newtown, where his wife is the assistant director of the Weston Public Library. They’re the proud parents of two children. In his spare time, Randy is a religious education teacher and an avid New York Times Crossword solver. Since life is sometimes harder to solve than the crossword, his favorite words are: “There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.”

Please contact Randy directly to find out all the ways Centrix is Making Dentistry Easier, or for specific product training and support. Randy can be reached at (203) 300-4630 or via email at rdieckman@centrixdental.com.

Brian Baylor

We welcomed Brian Baylor in December 2021 as our Senior Data Analyst and IT Liaison. Brian has a strong background in software and data analytics solutions for all aspects of the business. In his new position, he manages, analyzes, and automates data using modeling and predictive analysis while making it easy to understand for developers, testers, users and stakeholders.
He comes to Centrix from Johnson Controls where he was a business analyst. While there, he contributed to the gathering of functional data and building models which assisted in decision-making in all districts of North America. Additionally, he assisted in the systems configuration and launch. For any service disruption, he logged, triaged, resolved, and communicated root causes.

Brian was previously a market sales analyst with TradeRev and an acquisition manager for Red Fence Properties. He has a strong background in technology and business analysis; excellent understanding of database configuration, systems integration and development; and experience in a fast-paced agile development.

Brian graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems in 2018. Please contact Brian directly at (203) 745-7428 or at bbaylor@centrixdental.com.

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