Centrix Announces The Release Of SilverSense SDF, 38% Silver Diamine Fluoride!


Centrix Announces The Release Of SilverSense SDF, 38% Silver Diamine Fluoride!

SilverSense SDF is a blue-tinted 38% silver diamine fluoride solution that is FDA cleared as a professional-use tooth desensitizer. Silver diamine fluoride has been used internationally for decades due to its antimicrobial and desensitizing properties. As a desensitizer, SilverSense SDF forms insoluble precipitates with calcium or phosphate in the dentinal tubules to block nerve impulses. SilverSense SDF will become a standard part of your preventive-restorative armamentarium as it alleviates hypersensitivity and allows your patient to comfortably wait for restorative treatment. 

SilverSense SDF comes in an easy-to-use, 5 mL dropper bottle that dispenses one 30 μL drop at a time and is available in two package sizes: a single-bottle Standard Kit and a three-bottle Clinic Kit. SilverSense SDF is fast and easy to use! The application is simple, fast and painless for the patient. You only need 1-2 drops of the solution to treat up to five teeth, meaning SilverSense SDF is efficient and cost-effective, as well!


  • Ideal for patients suffering from dentinal hypersensitivity as the desensitizing agent blocks exposed dentinal tubules.
  • Hardens softened dentin and a restoration may be placed on top. 
  • Contains 38% silver diamine fluoride, which has long been used worldwide for its antimicrobial and remineralizing properties. 
  • Painless, fast, and simple procedure. Great for all patients! 
  • Ideal when used as an interim step in the restorative procedure to alleviate hypersensitivity, especially when the final restoration will not be placed immediately.
  • Blue-tinted to increase visibility during application. 


Centrix is a leading innovator of dental materials, preventive products, applicators, and delivery systems. We have spent over 50 years developing new products and improving existing concepts to offer our customers the best solutions for their needs. 

Starting with the original Mark ITM syringe, in 1970, and following with the Centrix C-R® and Mark IIIPTM syringe guns, we continue to provide the most comprehensive line of material delivery systems. We pioneered the unit-dose AccuDose® tubes and plugs for composites and other materials, and the first one-piece bendable head, disposable applicators: Benda® Brush and Benda®Micro. Realizing the importance of asepsis in the dental office, we developed the LolliPack® single-use package and the ergonomic, fully enclosed, patented, LolliTray™ packaging. Centrix FluoroDose® fluoride varnish has been recognized as the best fluoride varnish for many years running. We also offer the most complete line of temporization Materials: Tempit® temporary filling and sealing material, Access® Crown temporary crown and bridge material, and NoMIX® temporary cement.  

Centrix products are available from all leading dental distributors or by calling Centrix at 800.235.5862. To learn more about the Centrix product line, visit us online at centrixdental.com

To order or to learn more about SilverSense SDF, visit: centrixdental.com/silversense-sdf

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