Composite Instrument Cleaner & Lubricator
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LubeCube makes your favorite composite sculpting instruments “non-stick”, for easier contouring, smoother finishing, and no “pull-back”. The result is an instrument that glides over the composite surface without friction or “chatter”. LubeCube helps you create a super-smooth composite surface with ease! Simply peel off the adhesive back, stick it to a surface and slide your instrument tip through the slit. Made in the USA.

  • Opaque foam cube with unfilled light-activated resin monomer
  • Cleans conditions and lubricates instruments
  • Compatible with all light-activated and dual-cure composites
  • No alcohol, silicone, or solvents
  • MMakes any composite instrument “non-stick”
  • Low-cost, single-use and disposable

Order contains 72 LubeCubes

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Can you use it multiple times for the same patient?

Yes. There is enough lubricant for many swipes.

Does the LubeCube contain latex?

No. The foam, glue and backing do not have latex.

How should it be stored?

In the bag, out of the light.

What is the liquid material inside the LubeCube?

Unfilled, light-activated, Bis-GMA/UDMA resin monomer.

What is LubeCube's shelf-life?

2 years.

Will the foam absorb the resin monomer?

No. The foam is a close-cell foam.

Will the resin monomer dry out?

No the resin monomer will not dry out unless exposed to light or exceeds the shelf-life.

How to Use this Product

Peel backing off bottom of LubeCube.
Place and/or stick LubeCube in desired location (back of hand, bib, tray etc).
Insert tip of composite instrument into slit of LubeCube.
Glide tip of composite instrument back and forth in slit to clean and lubricate.
Remove composite instrument and begin sculpting the restoration.
Repeat steps 3 thru 5 as desired until restoration is complete.
Dispose of used LubeCube.


Cleans, conditions & lubricates instruments

Clean and lubricate your sculpting instrument by simply running it through the slit on top.

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