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A Note From our Founder

When I started Centrix 35 years ago with the introduction of the C-R® Syringe and the first-ever disposable tubes and plugs, my only goal was to invent products that would make the art of dentistry easier.

Since those early days in my kitchen, we have been fortunate to invent many products that have changed the way dentistry is practiced, including the original power handle syringe, pre-filled capsules for light-activated composites, and the revolutionary Benda®Brush, to name just a few. And now, with over 140 employees worldwide and growing, I am extremely excited about the next 35 years.

While I've been fortunate enough to invent many products on my own, Centrix has also developed innovative products from dental professionals just like yourself. Over the past many years, I have personally helped several of my colleagues nurture the seeds of an idea and brought the product to market through Centrix.

I invite you to contact me personally with any questions you may have in making your great idea a reality.

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