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Men’s Health Celebration in June!

We often hear about Women's Health Celebrations throughout the year, but it's now time to focus on Men's Health!
Men's Health Celebration

We often hear about Women’s Health Celebrations throughout the year, but it’s now time to focus on Men’s Health! June is Men’s Health Month, and we found some great ways to improve mens’ oral health. (Link to the full article at the end of this post.)

  • Laugh and Smile More
  • Go to the Dentist Regularly!
  • Protect Your Teeth, Protect Your Heart
  • Check Those Fillings
  • Get With It, Brush and Floss

It sounds simple, but Men need to focus on their oral health more than ever as they age. These simple tips, outlined in full in the Artistic Dental Article here, will help keep those smiles healthy for a lifetime.

For more information on how to help you and your patients with oral health care, visit our Caries Prevention Website. You’ll find everything you need to determine risks and treatments appropriate for all patients.


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