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Centrix Products are Proudly Made in America

Last summer, President Donald Trump proclaimed the week of July 15-21 as ‘Made in America Week'. This year we want to continue the ‘Made in America' celebration and showcase the many products from Centrix that are made right here in the USA.

Last summer, President Donald Trump proclaimed the week of July 15-21 as ‘Made in America Week’. This year we want to continue the ‘Made in America’ celebration and showcase the many products from Centrix that are made right here in the USA.

“Made-in-America products represent the global gold standard for quality, innovation, and craftsmanship and the output of a highly skilled workforce that is second to none.” Trump said in his proclamation last year. It’s important to support local and independently owned businesses that use only American parts and supplies; these companies make products that have an extra edge over the competition and help to boost the American economy.

For almost 50 years, Centrix has been known for innovation, quality and craftsmanship in the dental products we manufacture. We’re proud to say that we have products that are not only Made in the USA, but are made locally in Connecticut at the Centrix headquarters and manufacturing facility.

These innovative products, along with many others, have changed the way dentistry is performed. And, all are manufactured right here in Shelton, CT, USA:

Mark I C-R Syringe. Made in the USA.

Every dental office uses composite syringes. For Centrix, what began as an idea almost 50 years ago by founder Dr. William B. Dragan, turned into a patent that became the first-ever composite syringe system. Dr. Dragan’s ingenious composite syringe enabled direct-to-the-prep delivery of new composite materials, making routine dental procedures easier on the dentist and the patient. Now we have a complete line of C-R Composite Syringes and Guns, including our most popular Snap-Fit guns, for all of your material dispensing needs.

AccuDose Tubes and NeedleTubes. Made in the USA.

That’s right… another Centrix innovation. These little tubes and plugs (aka ‘game changers’) allowed dentists to deliver traditional two-part of materials directly into a prep – just spatulate, back-fill and deliver – making materials placement easier and free of bubbles and voids. Today, AccuDose tubes help offices control costs and eliminate cross-contamination. No more ‘composite keepers’, no more excess or wasted material, precision delivery deep into a canal. That’s why Dr. Dragan designed multiple styles of unit-dose tubes and needle tubes – we help make delivery of materials easier.

Benda Brush and BendaMicro Precision Disposable Applicators. Made in the USA.

These are the original one-piece disposable applicators; developed in 1989! Benda Brushes and Benda Micros are economical, multi-purpose applicators that make color-coding procedures a snap. Unique non-absorbing fibers have a greater carrying capacity, bend to any angle with no bounce-back, these disposable applicators are a necessity in any dental office. Benda Brush – perfect when you need to apply more than a drop. Benda Micro – for when you need only a drop. Available in different head sizes and even in double-ended twin styles, we have an option for every need.

The list of products by Centrix that are Made in the USA is a long one, and includes everything from NoCord™ VPS Impressioning material, to Access® Edge and AccessFLO® retraction materials and Encore® D/C Dual-Cure Core Buildup Composite. Even our Champ™ Pit and Fissure Sealant is made right here in the USA!

Today, Centrix engineers and manufactures hundreds of dental products which are locally made. As a leader in materials and delivery systems, Centrix will continue to introduce original and inventive dental systems and products certain to become the new standard in our industry.

In the upcoming months we’ll continue to focus on many more of our products that are Made in America. Check back here regularly or visit centrixdental.com to learn more!

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