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Introducing a New Lunch & Learn – Temporization: A Simplified Approach to Temporary Crown & Bridge

We are now excited to announce that we've introduced a fourth Lunch & Learn topic - Temporization: A Simplified Approach to Temporary Crown & Bridge.

temporization-lunch-learnOur Lunch & Learns have always been very popular – they allow you to: 

✓ Earn Free CE Credits 
✓ Get a Free Product Demo 
✓ Lunch on Us (or breakfast) 
✓ Review Current Best Practices (Materials and Clinical Techniques) 

Up until recently, we’ve offered three courses: Prevention for Life, Impressioning Made Easy, and The Core Issue. We are now excited to announce that we’ve introduced a fourth Lunch & Learn topic РTemporization: A Simplified Approach to Temporary Crown & Bridge. See below for the course description.


The temporization process addresses needs that are often truly temporary – protecting prepared teeth while the restorations are fabricated – or longer-term with provisionals that prevent tooth migration, help the soft tissue heal the right way, enable patients to get just the right shape and size for their smile. This course will identify ways to develop temporary restorations that meet each patient’s requirements while still being faster and easier to fabricate, better for diagnostic and lab communication, and simply being more esthetic in the mouth. 

What You’ll Learn:

✓ Better understand the problems that occur when no temporary or provisional is used – drifting, eruption, loss of functional requirements, bacterial infiltration.
✓ When and why to consider Provisional vs Temporary restorations.
✓ Speed vs Esthetics – can we have both in a predictable result and reasonable time frame?
✓ Cementing the Temporary to meet the case requirements and not hinder/limit cementation of the final restoration. Spot etch and bond for temporary veneers.
✓ Preparation considerations for short-term Temporaries vs longer-term Provisionals.
…and much more

Take advantage of this opportunity and earn FREE CE credits with Centrix! To schedule a Lunch & Learn, call 800.235.5862 or visit www.centrixvirtuallearning.com

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