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Why Tempit®-E is the Best Product to Add to Your Temporization Procedures

How has Temporary Filling and Sealing Changed in the Last 50 Years? (That's a trick question, because it hasn't. Until now.) On June 1, 2020, Centrix introduced Tempit-E, temporary filling & sealing material with eugenol. Tempit-E is pre-mixed so it eliminates the one thing you dislike about IRM and gives you back the one thing you so desperately need...time!
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Happy Birthday Tempit®-E and Welcome to the Tempit Family!

We've made provisional dentistry even easier! Centrix is proud to announce the release of Tempit-E moisture-activated temporary filling and sealing material with Eugenol. Tempit-E is identical to our Tempit material but with the addition of eugenol. The palliative eugenol formulation is perfect for temporary filling use, especially in cases of reversible pulpal inflammation. The anti-inflammatory [...]
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Relieve with E-Lieve™!

Now there is a faster, easier solution for moistening and soothing minor soft tissue irritation before, during and after dental procedures! E-Lieve Vitamin E, in unit-dose tubes is the latest innovation from Centrix! We've all learned about the benefits of using Vitamin E to help soothe irritated tissue, but who wants to mess with cutting [...]
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The Top Fluoride Varnish Just got Better – Centrix Releases FluoroDose® Fluoride Varnish in a new and improved Packaging

Centrix is taking FluoroDose®, award-winning fluoride varnish, to the next level. The same loved features remain, but now come in a fully enclosed LolliTray™, the patented, hygienic, and ergonomic design!
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Glu/Sense™ Wipes out Post-Op Dentinal Sensitivity!

Eliminates post-operative sensitivity by penetrating and sealing dentin tubules and under restorations. No-drip formula gives control and accuracy.

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