Centrix Donates Dental Supplies to the Kids of Moca, Dominican Republic


From time to time, we like to highlight some of the wonderful volunteers who provide dental services to the people who need them most — because we believe everybody deserves to have a happy, healthy smile.

We received this video from Dr. Jack Meibaum with the Mision Para Los Niños in the Dominican Republic. His dental clinics provide free or greatly reduced dental services primarily to children who are either at risk of, or have already sustained damage to their teeth caused by neglect. He and teams of visiting dentists and staff from the US also provide preventative care to help children get on the right track.

Dr. Meibaum depends entirely on donations from US dental manufacturers to supply his operatory. As he puts it, “People ask why we do not buy (dental supplies) here? At this mission we want to have the best – like Centrix. We will not settle for second best dental work and supplies. Therefore, our supplies come from the USA and we could not afford to buy them if not donated.”

Since beginning his clinics, Dr. Meibaum has seen improvements in the patients he sees. He says, “I cannot remember how many children we served in Moca but there were many, many. The barrio from which many come is called Sal SePuedes – which means ‘Leave if you can.’ This barrio is extremely bad! There is no way to describe to you the conditions and these kids cannot afford dental care. BUT with the work done there in the years preceding, it is remarkable how much better their teeth are.”

We were more than happy to supply Dr. Meibaum and the kids of Moca, Dominican Republic with free Lollicaine topical anesthetic, FluoroDose fluoride varnish and Everybond universal dental adhesive. We support this work wholeheartedly!

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