Centrix Awards Hygiene Scholarship


Dr William B. Dragan, founder of Centrix, Inc., a leading manufacturer of dentistry products based in Shelton, CT, has pledged $25,000 for scholarships at the Fones School of Dental Hygiene. Under the grant, Centrix will fund the endowment over a period of time. In the interim, Centrix and the University of Bridgeport each will award $1,500 scholarships annually for dental hygiene students.

For 2010-2011, the University of Bridgeport and Fones School recently awarded the latest Centrix scholarship to recipient, Melissa Whiting. Melissa is a Connecticut resident and an undergraduate student actively pursuing her Associate degree in dental hygiene. Once she completes her Associate degree, she plans to actively complete her Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.  Melissa was unanimously supported by the faculty to receive this scholarship. She is highly regarded by her peers. She is an excellent student, has a positive outlook on dentistry and dental hygiene and has an outstanding personality. She is very professional and does well clinically and didactically. A team player yet works well independently and is a self-starter.

“It is our pleasure to give this scholarship to students of dental hygiene and to increase awareness and prevention of dental diseases,” said Centrix President, Bill Dragan. “My father has contributed to the improvement of dental health throughout his career, both through the company he founded and through his dental practice. It is my hope that the recipients of these William B. Dragan Scholarships will continue in his footsteps of service, to improve the art and profession of dental care.”

“Centrix’s generous gift enables us to reward those students who, by their exemplary work and dedication to the profession of dental hygiene, will be among tomorrow’s best health care providers,” said Fones School Dean Meg Zayan.

Centrix, Inc. was founded in 1970 by Dr. William B. Dragan with the idea of creating products that make dentistry easier. Today, Centrix products are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world.

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