Calcium Hydroxide Paste for Root Canal Treatment
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The Centrix NeedleTube delivery provides superior results compared to spiral paste fillers.

Calciject is a fine-grain, calcium hydroxide paste packaged in single-dose NeedleTube syringe tips. The high pH and bacteriostatic activity of pure calcium hydroxide paste is indicated for use in temporary and intermediate root canal therapy.

  • No messy mixing of powder and liquid
  • Direct injection from package to mouth
  • Single-dose tips for maximum asepsis
  • Bendable 20ga NeedleTube® tips for easy canal access
  • Bacteriostatic and radiopaque
  • Faster and easier than using multiple paper points
  • Made in the USA

Order contains 24 .2g prefilled tips.

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The Dental Advisor

Can you use IRM with Calciject?

No, the eugenol in IRM will eat away at the Calciject.

When can Calciject be used?

Calciject may be used in all the following situations:
1. Exudation control
2. Large periapical lesion
3. Antibacterial dressing
4. Temporary root filling
5. Apical inflammatory resorption
6. Inflammatory resorption following trauma
7. Apical internal resorption
8. Internal-external root resorption
9. Perforations
10. Transverse root fractures
11. Incompletely developed pulpless teeth

How to Use this Product

Remove Calciject cartridge from package. Pull off sheath cover and insert into Centrix C-R® syringe.
Test first on pad. Squeeze with a slow, steady pressure.
Bend needle, as needed, and inject into canal.
After use, remove Calciject cartridge and dispose of properly.
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