Benda Micro Fine

Benda Micro Fine

Single-ended micro applicator
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Precision Disposable Micro Fiber Applicators

Perfect when you need only a drop.

Benda Micro Applicators enable precision placement in confined spaces. The unique Benda Micro head bends to the angle you need for single-drop application of bonding agents, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and other low-viscosity liquids. Select from our single-ended or double-ended “twin” styles for precise application into the smallest cavity preps, post holes and root canals. Both styles feature non-linting fibers that are perfect for scrubbing without contaminating materials. Wider handle is easier to pick-up and manipulate. Benda Micros bend to any angle with no bounce back and are available in single colors or in an assorted pack. They come in 3 sizes for small, medium, and large application needs.

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Why does the flock fall out with my adhesive?

If a user put the Benda Micro applicator directly into the activator, the activator would weaken the flock adhesive causing the flock to fall out. Most bonding agents are 2 part systems. They have an adhesive and an activator. The instructions given have the user mixing the 2 parts in a dappen dish or well, then applying with an applicator. This is the proper use of the product.

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