Low-Viscosity Flowable Kaolin Clay-Based Retraction Paste
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AccessFLO is a low-viscosity, flowable kaolin clay-based gingival retraction paste. Similar to Access Edge, it contains the active ingredients kaolin clay and aluminum chloride to help control bleeding and prevent seepage. A unique prefilled unit-dose tube allows for easier placement of material in and around the sulcus.

  • Convenient prefilled unit-dose tube: no mixing, no bulky cartridges or syringes
  • Dual astringent/hemostatic action - 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay
  • Retracts quickly, in 2 minutes
  • Rinses away and removes easily
  • Non-traumatic gingival retraction without packing cord
  • Can be used as the second cord in a “2-cord technique”
  • Individually packaged in foil pouches to keep material fresh
  • Can be used anytime a hemostatic is indicated
  • Made in the USA

AccessFLO 15
(360122), contains 15 prefilled tubes, 10 large GingiCaps and 10 regular GingiCaps.

AccessFLO 60
(360123), contains 60 prefilled tubes, 30 large GingiCaps and 30 regular GingiCaps.

Disclaimer: *AccessFLO works with any composite syringe

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AccessFLO Features:



What are the active ingredients?

AccessFLO is a Kaolin clay based material that contains 15% aluminum chloride.

Does AccessFLO require a special gun?

No, AccessFLO can be used with any composite syringe gun.

Do you need to use a compression cap?

It is not required, however a compression cap can be used for better results.

Is it hard to express like Expa-syl?

No, AccessFLO can be expressed using constant steady pressure.

Is there much cleanup with AccessFLO?

No, you simply need to thoroughly rinse our and air dry, leaving a clean, “open” sulcus. It is important to remove the paste completely from the sulcus as residue may inhibit set of impression materials or distort digital imaging.

How does AccessFLO compare to Expa-syl?

AccessFLO is chemically similar to Expa-syl as a clay-based gingival retraction paste, but in a prefilled, unit-dose delivery tip.

How is AccessFLO different in its delivery vs. Expa-syl?

AccessFLO is a similar clay-based gingival retraction paste available in a convenient, unit-dose syringe tip instead of a larger gun (capsule design).

How does AccessFLO control bleeding and gingival fluids?

AccessFLO has the astringent action of (approximately 15%) aluminum chloride plus the hemostatic and drying effects of kaolin clay that work to open the gingival sulcus and control gingival fluids.

How much time does it take to do the retraction with AccessFLO?

It is recommended that you (wait) leave in place AccessFLO for a minimum of 2 minutes for the paste to control the fluids and create retraction.

Is there any risk of tissue trauma with using AccessFLO?

No, the AccessFLO material displaces and retracts the tissue through chemical means and works gently with no tissue trauma.

How many uses can I get from AccessFLO?

AccessFLO is a unit-dose delivery system, so it is designed for single patient use and then disposal after using.

Can I use packing (retraction) cord with AccessFLO if needed?


How to Use this Product

Prepare the tooth for the desired restoration.
Remove the unit-dose tip from the foil package and insert into any Centrix C-R® Syringe. Remove the cap.
Slowly inject paste into and around the gingival sulcus. If desired, place Centrix GingiCap™ compression caps, cotton rolls or any other compression product over the paste to enclose it in place in and around the sulcus. Then have your patient bite down and hold.
Leave in place for a minimum of 2 minutes for paste to control the fluids and create retraction.
Rinse thoroughly and dry the site. It’s important to remove the paste completely from the sulcus, as residue may inhibit set of impression materials or distort digital imaging. Repeat if necessary.
Take your impression, using any impression materials or digital imaging.
Dispose of cap, tip and foil pouch properly. Disinfect syringe for subsequent use. Paste contains approximately 15% aluminum chloride along with kaolin clay. Do not use on patients with known sensitivity to aluminum chloride. Do not get into eyes; rinse with copious amounts of water if contact occurs.
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