Self-Adhesive Resin Cement
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AbsoLute is a self-etching, self-adhesive, dual-cured, fluoride-releasing resin luting cement. It’s ideal for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and prefabricated or cast metal or fiber posts. No etching, priming or bonding required. AbsoLute reduces the number of clinical steps and minimizes chair time. Easy to use, AbsoLute produces an excellent bond to most dental materials. The auto-mix delivery system eliminates hand mixing and can be dispensed directly into the prep.

Made in the USA.

  • Radiopaque for easy identification
  • Easy cleanup
  • Ideal film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated

Kit contains (1) Dual-Syringe (Base/Catalyst, 8g mixed) + 15 automix nozzles.

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Self-cure: bond strength
3.4 MPa
Light-cure: bond strength
9.7 MPa
Diametral tensile strength
34 MPa
Compressive strength
212 MPa
Flexural strength
42 MPa
Film thickness
% filled (weight/volume):
Base: 60/36
Catalyst: 62/40
Average particle size:
Base: 1.0μm
Catalyst: 3.5μm

Do you need to etch, prime, or bond when using AbsoLute™?

No, AbsoLute™ is a self-etching, self-adhesive dual-cured resin luting cement.  AbsoLute™ requires no etching, no priming or no bonding of the prepared surfaces, thus saving you time by reducing clinical steps in your procedure.

How many shades are available with AbsoLute™?

AbsoLute™ is available in two shades, Translucent and Opaque.

Can AbsoLute™ be used with a variety of dental substrates?

Yes, AbsoLute™ is designed to bond to a multitude of dental substrates, including metals, composites, porcelain, and amalgam.

How much cement material in the AbsoLute™ dual-syringe?

AbsoLute™ contains 8 grams of auto-mixed cement in the dual-syringe.

What are the indications for use with AbsoLute™?

AbsoLute™ is formulated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts (prefabricated metal and non-metal/fiber posts, as well as cast posts).

Is AbsoLute™ fluoride releasing?

Yes, AbsoLute™ is fluoride releasing.

How to use this product:

For: Crowns, Bridges, Inlay and Onlay Preparation Procedures

Remove the temporary restoration and all temporary cement residue.
Try in the final restoration to insure proper fit.
Clean the preparation with pumice and water. Rinse thoroughly.
Remove all surface water using a strong stream of air on the preparation for 3 to 5 seconds. Do not desiccate.

Cement Mixing Procedures

Remove the syringe cap from the dual-syringe.
Dispense a small amount of material onto a mixing pad to eliminate any voids in each chamber of the dual-syringe.
Attach a mixing tip to the dual-syringe by lining up the key and keyway. Then turn the brown locking mechanism clockwise.
Pressing the plunger will mix and dispense the AbsoLute™.

Cementation Procedures

Apply cement to the internal surfaces of the restoration. For inlays, it may be easier to apply the cement to the tooth preparation.
Seat the restoration and remove any excess cement.
Light cure for 20-30 seconds, or allow to self cure.

For: Posts (pre-fabricated, metal, cast and non-metal/fiber posts) Preparation Procedures

Prepare the post space per post manufacturer’s instructions. Etching and bonding agents are not required.
Size and fit post to insure proper fit.
Clean post per manufacturer’s instructions.

Cementation Procedures

Apply cement to the canal walls using an endodontic file, lentulo spiral or paper point, and coat the post.
Seat the post and remove any excess cement.
Light cure for 20-30 seconds, or allow to self cure.
Proceed with core build-up procedure.
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