Foam Tipped, 22ga Luer-Lock Needle Applicator
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The SofNeedle is designed to be twisted onto a luer-lock syringe to dispense and apply liquids and light gels.

  • Scratch-resistant soft polyurethane foam tip allows easy dispensing and spreading of liquids/gels and even burnishing materials onto the tooth.
  • Superior control of flow on vertical surfaces due to the slight back pressure feature of SofNeedles.
  • Luer-lock design ensures that tips securely attach to syringes.
  • Perfect for dispensing and applying:
    • Liquids and light gels: Glu/Sense™ and D/Sense® Crystal™ Desensitizer
    • Hemostatic agents, liquids and gels: Rastringent*, Stat-Gel*, Gel-Cord*, Cut-Trol*, Astringedent*, ViscoStat*
    • Other uses: Non-silica etching gels, pit and fissure sealants, porcelain etchants, caries indicators, Chlorhexidine, Benzal konium Chloride, high spot indication liquid

* Not trademarks of Centrix, Inc.

Order contains 144 22ga tips

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Can I use the SofNeedle in any of my C-R Syringes?

No, you can not. The SofNeedle is designed to be twisted onto a luer-lock syringe

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