HVE Aspirator
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Dry root canals and post spaces faster and easier. Connects to your HVE handpiece.

  • HVE aspirator with needle tip easily connects to your high-volume evacuator
  • Tips reach deep into the canal to remove excess moisture and debris
  • Single-use, disposable tips for complete asepsis
  • Needle tips available in 2 gauges
  • Transparent tubing for ease of monitoring
  • Faster and easier than using multiple paper points
  • Made in the USA

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Dental Townie Choice Awards

Are MicroAspirators autoclavable?

No, they are not.

What color MicroAspirator go with what size gauge?

Yellow is 18 gauge and Aqua is 20 gauge.

How to Use this Product

  1. Simply attach to HVE handpiece, bend needle, and aspirate.
  2. Insert one paperpoint and check for dryness. If not dry, aspirate again.
  3. Once dry, remove from vacuum line and dispose of properly after use.
  4. Note: solid matter or highly viscous liquids may not pull through the MicroAspirator. The clear tubing will allow you to check and see if aspiration is taking place.
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