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Better for Your Practice

When you use Centrix products in your dental practice, know they were designed for optimal clinical outcomes and maximum practice efficiency. We help you keep your practice operating profitably and successfully by:

  • Making common procedures simpler and easier
  • Producing accurate, consistent and correct clinical outcomes
  • Ensuring patient safety and comfort
  • Increasing your profitability by saving time, materials and waste

200+ Innovative Dental Products

Centrix solves the challenges of your practice by developing a wide array of devices, materials and delivery systems that make dentistry easier for you and your patient. You know and trust the 200+ Centrix brands that have revolutionized dentistry -- like the first-ever composite syringe system, the unit-dose concept and a host of novel disposables. We are always looking for better ways and new ideas that will transform the practice of dentistry.


The patient self-assessment form provides questions that help easily evaluate the patient's disease indicators, risk factors, and protective factors and provides a forum for the Hygienist to discuss next steps in oral health prevention, including fluoride varnish application.

Download the Patient Self-Assessment Form and other customizable promotion materials to help you grow your business.

Dealer Network

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NoCord VPS Introductory Kit

NoCord VPS Introductory Kit

One-Step, Self-Retracting Impressioning System

NoCord™ VPS is a unique impressioning system that makes impression taking easier, more predictable and more assured.

The NoCord™ VPS Introductory Kit is a revolutionary one step, self-retracting, impressioning system designed specifically for the wash and tray technique. It consists of the Centrix NoCord™ Wash and NoCord™ MegaBody® Tray Materials which together produce highly accurate dental impressions without the need for retraction cords and pastes.

Tempit Essentials

Tempit® Essentials

Temporary Filling and Sealing Materials

3 Unique Temporary Filling Materials, One Delivery System

Many different types of restorations are prepared throughout the day, each based on its unique requirements. That's why we designed the Tempit family to have a perfect material for each clinical temporary filling application. And every Tempit product is packaged in pre-filled, unit dose tips so it can be delivered directly, and precisely, to the prep. Using our Snap-Fit C-R gun (or any composite tip gun), you just snap in the right tip and apply. No more mixing, no spatulation, no messy placement - just perfect delivery every time.

Encore D/C MiniMix

Encore® D/C MiniMix®

The only dual-cure sold by dose

Our single-dose Encore D/C MiniMix kit contains 36 cartridges. Each cartridge has two mixing nozzles and our exclusive needletip. Our product is dual-cure, for fast light-activation initiation and then complete cure of all material. Plus, the smaller unit-dose tip size and ease of use will save you valuable chair time and reduce patient stress. Available with fluoride release and in natural and contrast shades.

Couture - Diamond Finishing & Polishing Kit

Couture - Diamond Finishing & Polishing Kit

Unique Designs. Applied Diamond Technology. Easy-To-Use. Superior Results.

Diamond Polishers & Diamond Polishing Brushes

Our Advanced Finishing and Polishing Cups and Points are highly-loaded with ultrafine diamond particles for superior finished surfaces providing more life-like reflectance and luster.

Couture Diamond Polishing Brush is made of diamond-filled cellulose filaments that change from hard to tissue-friendly ultra-soft through water absorption.

Access Crown

Access Crown®

Bis-Acryl Composite for Provisional Crowns and Bridges

The primary clinical advantage of this bis-acryl composite is its elastic behavior during polymerization; it sets to an elastic-like state, ready for removal from the mouth in just one minute.



Fluoride Cavity Varnish

FluoroDose contains 5% sodium fluoride, the maximum dosage allowed in a convenient singleuse LolliPack®. Each unit contains one single dose (0.3mL) of FluoroDose plus one Benda® Brush applicator which allows you to mix the varnish prior to application, guaranteeing a consistent level of fluoride in every application. Simply peel back the cover, dip in the brush, mix and apply.

Great preventive dentistry helps patients maintain great oral health throughout their lifetime. Use this questionnaire to determine if your patients are at risk.

Download the Patient Self-Assessment Form