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Investing in Our Partnerships

Our dealer partners are essential to our company's growth and ongoing success. We couldn't do it without you. That's why we invest in resources that make it easy to do business with Centrix. We hire the best people for our sales, service and support teams. We provide training and education to keep Centrix products top of mind. Our R&D team develops innovative products that dentists, DSOs and other customers want to buy. And we offer attractive discounts, generous sampling and marketing support programs to our partners.

200+ Preferred Dental Products

When you talk about Centrix products like BendaBrush or FluoroDose or Lollicaine, you can be confident that your customers prefer those brands. They've read the peer reviews, they've seen us at dental industry events and they know our founder Dr. William Dragan is a respected restorative dentist himself. They know Centrix and they will buy Centrix with confidence.

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Fluoride Cavity Varnish

FluoroDose features a 5% sodium fluoride, white cavity varnish in the single-use LolliPack® package, the maximum allowed fluoride dosage and is FDA-cleared for treating dentinal sensitivity. No more messy gels and uncomfortable trays; no more inherent worry of fluoride ingestion. Dip. Mix. Brush. Throw away. Centrix makes fluoride varnish safer and cleanup easier.

NoCord Introductory Kit

NoCord VPS Introductory Kit

One-Step, Self-Retracting Impressioning System

NoCord™ VPS is a unique impressioning system that makes impression taking easier, more predictable and more assured.

The NoCord™ VPS Introductory Kit is a revolutionary one step, self-retracting, impressioning system designed specifically for the wash and tray technique. It consists of the Centrix NoCord™ Wash and NoCord™ MegaBody® Tray Materials which together produce highly accurate dental impressions without the need for retraction cords and pastes.