Light-Activated Universal Dental Adhesive
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EveryBond is a 5th-generation adhesive designed for use with all types of composite resins – self-cure, light-cure, or dual-cure. Pre-etching is required. The relatively high pH of EveryBond makes it compatible with all composite resins. EveryBond contains 8.5% proprietary filler with an average particle size of 1 μm, helping to reduce post-operative sensitivity. Made in the USA.

  • Compatible with light-cured, self-cured and dual-cured composite materials
  • Bonds to a multitude of dental substrates
  • Minimal, uniform film thickness designed for indirect techniques when used with a cementation medium as well as amalgam bonding
  • Works with phosphoric acid etch technique
  • Single bottle for all types of composite

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Bond strength to enamel
25.2 MPa
Bond strength to dentin
21.5 MPa

Is EveryBond™ compatible to use with all curing composite materials?

Yes, EveryBond™ is a universal adhesive that is designed to work with self-cured, light-cured, and dual-cured composite materials without the use of additional activators.

Does EveryBond™ require refrigeration?

No, EveryBond™ does not require refrigeration.

How is EveryBond™ packaged?

EveryBond™ is a packaged in a 6ml bottle

Do I need to etch when using EveryBond™?

Yes, EveryBond™ is not a “self-etch” adhesive, so etching with any phosphoric acid material is required as part of the technique when using EveryBond™.

Does EveryBond™ bond to all kinds of dental substrates? Can it be used for both direct and indirect techniques?

Yes, EveryBond™ bonds with a multitude of dental substrates. It is designed to bond composite to dentin, enamel, cast metals, treated porcelain, and set amalgam. It is also designed for indirect techniques when used with a cementation medium as well as amalgam bonding.

Is EveryBond™ an unfilled or filled adhesive?

EveryBond™ is a filled adhesive. It contains an 8.5% proprietary filler with an average particle size of 1 μm.

What generation of bonding agent is EveryBond™?

EveryBond™ is a 5th generation bonding agent. It means application of a primer and bond in a single step and etchant is applied and rinsed off to remove smear layer.

Does EveryBond™ require the use of an “etch and rinse” technique?

Yes, EveryBond does require the use of bonding agents. Clinical research has shown that is conidered to provide the highest bond strengths to enamel.

Is EveryBond™ an acetone-based adhesive? Any concerns for evaporation?

Yes, EveryBond™ is acetone-based, so to reduce the evaporation effect, we recommend to keep the bottle closed when not in use.

How is the film thickness of EveryBond™?

EveryBond™ has minimal (low) and uniform film thickness to ensure complete seating of restorations.

How is the bond strength of EveryBond™?

EveryBond™ does have high bond strength to both dentin and enamel as a 5th generation bonding agent.

Can EveryBond™ be used with other Centrix composite materials or only RapidCore?

Yes, EveryBond™ can be used with other Centrix composite materials, but does require use of an etchant. Alternatively, you can also use our other bonding agent called Connexio, however Connexio cannot be used with our self-cure composite called RapidCore, so in that case you need to use EveryBond.

How do I use EveryBond™in my restorative procedures?

There are a couple of different methods to consider when using EveryBond™. It does call for moist bonding. Preferred method does requite to etch the tooth first, then rinse thoroughly , and then dry and light cure. Please review our Instructions for Use for more information.

How to Use this Product

Isolate tooth and prepare the cavity in a conservative manner. Clean the entire surface with a slurry of pumice and a preferred disinfectant.
Etch enamel and dentin using a preferred etchant.
Preferred method: Rinse thoroughly. Remove excess water by blotting the surface, leaving the dentin and enamel visibly moist with a shiny surface.
Alternative method: Rinse thoroughly. Air dry for 2-3 seconds. Do not allow enamel or dentin to dry for an excessive period of time.
Immediately apply a preferred rewetting/desensitizing agent or water to the enamel and dentin. Allow dwelling for 20-25 seconds. Blot the preparation dry or gently air dry for 1-2 seconds to remove excess moisture.
When using EveryBond™, shake bottle until the mixing element inside the bottle is audible. If needed, invert bottle and tap on hard surface to free agitator. Hold bottle at a 45° angle and dispense 1-2 drops of EveryBond™ into a mixing well. Using a BENDA® Brush* or BENDA® Micro* Applicator, apply a minimum of 2 generous coats to the entire preparation, rewetting brush between coats. Agitate slightly for 10-15 seconds.
NOTE: Use of a flocked applicator (e.g., Benda® Micro*) will require additional coats.
Beginning with a gentle stream, gently but thoroughly air dry to evaporate solvent.
NOTE: After drying, the surface should be shiny with EveryBond™ visible on the preparation. If not, apply more EveryBond™ and air dry. An excessively thin layer of EveryBond™will not provide maximum bond strength.
Light cure for 10 seconds.

OPTIONAL FOR CLASS V RESTORATIONS: Apply 1-2 additional coats of EveryBond™ to the entire internal surface of the preparation, agitating slightly for 10 seconds. Thoroughly air dry and light-cure for 10 seconds.

Proceed with restorative treatment.
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