Root Canal Therapy Procedure Pack
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The EndoKit™ procedure pack is designed for cleaning, treating and sealing the root canal between office visits. Each single-use procedure pack contains three products: MicroAspirator®, Calciject® and Tempit®.

By combining them into one secure package, you save time and maintain accurate inventory control. All items in the EndoKit may be purchased separately. See below.

Three Products - One Kit:

MicroAspirator: 18ga Needle Tip HVE Aspirator

  • Faster and easier than using paper points
  • Transparent — lets you monitor the evacuation
  • Fully disposable

Calciject: Fine-Grain, Calcium Hydroxide Paste

  • Single-use, bendable 20ga NeedleTube® syringe tip
  • Superior results compared to spiral paste fillers
  • Bacteriostatic and radiopaque

Tempit: Moisture-Activated Temporary Filling & Sealing Material

  • Single-use prefilled 0.35g tips
  • Sets in minutes under saliva contact
  • Non-eugenol formula contains zinc oxide and alcium sulfate

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MicroAspirator — 18ga Needle Tip HVE Aspirator
Calciject — Fine-Grain, Calcium Hydroxide Paste
Tempit — Moisture-Activated Temporary Sealing Material

What syringe would I use to place Tempit and Calciject?

You can use any Centrix C-R Syringe. For ease of use, we recommend the Snap-Fit Syringe.

Can you use IRM with Calciject?

No, the eugenol in IRM will eat away at the Calciject.

Are MicroApirators autoclavable?

No, there are not.

Why is there a desiccant packed in every jar of Tempit?

As Tempit is a moisture activated material, it is important to keep the prefilled tubes dry. If exposed to excessive humidity or moisture, the material will set or harden in the tip.

Can you use with deciduous teeth?

Yes you can use with baby teeth. Remember Tempit sets under moisture. It will not be absorbed, but it will wash out over time.

Is Tempit absorbable?

Tempit is not absorbable by the body.

What viscosity is Tempit?

Tempit is a "medium" viscosity which is similar to Cavit's white formula.

STEP 1. Dry

MicroAspirator® 18ga Single-use Canal Dryer

  1. Simply attach to HVE handpiece, bend needle, and aspirate.
  2. Insert one paperpoint and check for dryness. If not dry, aspirate again.
  3. If dry, remove from vacuum line and dispose of properly after use.
  4. Note: solid matter or highly viscous liquids may not pull through the MicroAspirator. The clear tubing will allow you to check and see if aspiration is taking place.

STEP 2. Medicate

Calciject® .2g Calcium Hydroxide Paste 10°C - 24°C / 50°F - 75°F

  1. Remove Calciject cartridge from package. Pull off sheath cover and insert into Centrix C-R® syringe.
  2. Test first on pad. Squeeze with a slow, steady pressure.
  3. Bend needle, as needed, and inject into canal.
  4. After use, remove Calciject cartridge and dispose of properly.

STEP 3. Seal

Tempit® .35g Moisture Activated Temporary Filling 10°C - 24°C / 50°F - 75°F

  1. Remove cap.
  2. Place tip into C-R Syringe.
  3. Place cotton pellet over Calciject.
  4. Squeeze syringe with a slow, steady pressure and inject into a moist cavity.
  5. Tamp down with a wet instrument and dismiss patient.
  6. On return visit, remove Tempit with explorer. Insert through material into cotton pellet, turn 45° and pull. Intended to be used for less than 30 consecutive days.
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