Encore® AF

Encore® AF

Advanced Formula Self-Cure Core Buildup Composite
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Encore AF is a smoother, creamier version of our original Encore self-cure composite core buildup material. The improved blend of hybrid glass filler syringes easier and features an increased mechanical strength. Available with fluoride and in natural and white shades.

  • Increased compressive, tensile and strengths
  • Flows easily through a AccuDose NeedleTube
  • Smoother and creamier material
  • Non-slumping formula requires no matrix or core-form
  • Cuts like dentin to reduce ditching
  • Radiopaque
  • 50-gram kit
  • Contains fluoride
  • Made in the USA

Kits include: 1 (25g) Base + 1 (25g) Catalyst, Mixing Pad and 50 Spatulas.

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Compressive strength
298.0 Mpa
Diametral tensile strength
47.0 Mpa
Flexural strength
149.2 Mpa

How should Encore AF be applied?

It is recommended that Encore AF be applied using a syringe placement with a NeedleTube.

Does Encore AF require the use of a matrix or core form?

No. Encore AF does not slump and therefore does not require a matrix or core form.

Can eugenol materials be used AFTER Encore AF is used?

Yes. Eugenol containing material can be used AFTER Encore AF is fully cured.

How does Encore AF cut?

Encore AF cuts similar to dentin and is easily cut with a standard diamond or bur.

Prepare tooth and apply composite bonding agent.
Mix equal amounts of Base and Catalyst pastes.
Do not cross-contaminate jars. 2-1/2 minute working time from this point on.
Back-load into Centrix C-R® Syringe tube. Do not load more than 1/2 full!
Insert plug into tube.
Load tube into syringe barrel.
Squeeze syringe with a slow, steady pressure and inject.
Finish Encore / Encore AF when fully set (4 to 5 minutes).
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