Couture - Diamond Polishing Brushes

Couture - Diamond Polishing Brushes

Versatile, Safe Brushes Produce High-Gloss Polish
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Couture Polishing Brushes with Applied Diamond Technology (ADT) are versatile, one-step polishing instruments that produce high-gloss polishing of concave and convex tooth surfaces. The cellulose filaments are impregnated with ultrafine diamond abrasives to produce an ultra-smooth tooth surface, a lustrous shine and a surface that limits bacteria and plaque adherence. When used dry, the cellulose filaments are rigid for aggressive polishing of the tooth surface. When used wet, the cellulose filaments become flexible for atraumatic polishing of surfaces adjacent to the gingiva.

Polishing Brush Features:

  • Diamond-impregnated cellulose filaments for a brilliant lustrous polish (-35% filled avg. wt.)
  • Adaptable to all tooth morphology
  • Complete final polishing in less than 15 seconds
  • Use wet for atraumatic polishing near gingiva
  • Limits adherence of plaque and bacteria

Practical Tips:

  • Use copious water spray to minimize friction heat build up
  • Apply feather-light pressure to instruments
  • Use slow speeds between 8,000 and 20,000 RPMs maximum

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How to use this product:

Use Couture Diamond Polishing Brush after pre-polishing with rotary diamond instruments (15μm yellow).
Use Couture Diamond Polishing Brush on the dental surface starting with hard filaments for 15 seconds under light pressure (0.5 LBS/2 N) and low speed (5000 RPM).
Subsequently add water spray for few seconds.
The stiffness of the filaments gradually change to ultra soft. Adjust spray if there is too much water.
Continue polishing at low speed for about 15 seconds more without pressure, with only light wiping movements to achieve final high gloss.
Apply Couture Diamond Polishing Brush without paste.
Single use (due to water and debris absorption, deformation).
Couture Diamond Polishing Brush can be safely disposed as it is made entirely of recyclable materials.

Single-use (due to water and debris absorption). Adjust water spray when using brush from hard to ultra-soft. Apply light force, not exceeding 0.5 lbs (2N) of pressure. Use brush at low-speeds (5,000 rpm) in handpieces.

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