Centrix Holds Annual International Sales Conference

Shelton, CT, June 26, 2017 – Centrix held its annual International Sales conference this past weekend with participants joining in from nearly a dozen countries around the world.  This three-day meeting, in addition to recognizing outstanding sales performances, had two primary educational focuses: Prevention For Life and Easier, Faster, Better Impressioning.

Prevention For Life is an important direction for the company, helping offices increase oral health by expending their focus on adults, especially older adults, the only US age group with an increasing rate of caries. Donna Brogan, RDH shared important information and taught the Centrix sales team a new lunch 'n learn program by which they can help offices improve care, increase office profitability and earn two CE credits.  According to Dr. William Dragan, founder of Centrix, "Adults often have greater oral health issues because they do not get the preventive care they need due to insurance reimbursement limitations. We have created programs for offices that help get their patients to ask about, and for preventive care.  We want to help increase oral health and practice health. Our mission is to make dentistry easier –and that includes both the practice of dentistry and the business of making dentistry easier.  I was a practicing dentist for many, many years and I know how hard it is to do both well."

Easier, Faster, Better Impressioning was focused on Centrix's new and revolutionary NoCord™ VPS impression material. NoCord is the first VPS material that eliminates the need for a separate retraction and hemostasis steps.  Dr. Cristian Enachescu and Dr. Marian Fanica gave presentations on the effectiveness of NoCord for all types of cases including single and multi-unit impressions and impressioning for implants.  One of the many benefits they found with NoCord was better tissue health and safety; eliminating the need to place cord also eliminates damage by instruments to epithelial attachment, causing iatrogenic recession.  According to Dr. Enaschescu, "With NoCord I find that I can almost completely eliminate placing retraction cord, saving more than 10 minutes per case - plus the quality of my impressions are at least as good or better. In many cases where I could not place cord because the gingiva is too thin or the sulcus too shallow, NoCord enabled me to take a good impression with clear margins and no bleeding."

A fun highlight of the weekend was the 1st Centrix 'Dragan' Boat Race. Sales teams from across the world had to build their own Dragan boats from just cardboard and duct tape and then power it the length of the swimming pool.  Of the eight teams, just three were able to build boats that actually crossed the entire length of the pool without sinking or capsizing.   This was a fun competition, and the winners were the Mid-Atlantic team consisting of Reg. Acct. Mgr Penny Durbin and Product Specialists Gordon Lann and David Peterson; David was also the sailor of their boat. 

About Centrix, Inc.
Centrix is a leading innovator of dental materials, preventive products, applicators and delivery systems. Along with the Centrix C-R® and Mark IIIp™ syringe guns, we provide the most comprehensive line of syringe delivery systems. We pioneered the first one-piece disposable dental applicator brushes: Benda® Brush and Benda® Micro flocked applicators. Realizing the importance of asepsis in the dental office, we developed the LolliPack® single-use package, which is now the standard application method for fluoride varnishes and other unit dose materials. FluoroDose® Fluoride Varnish has been recognized as the best Fluoride Varnish for the last several years. Centrix also offers the most complete line of Temporization Materials: Tempit® for filling, Access Crown® for temporary Crown & Bridge, and NoMIX® temporary cement. And Centrix is forging new paths in Impressioning with NoCord™ VPS, the first one-step, self-retracting impression material and the Couture™ line of esthetic restorative products. For more information on FluoroDose, and other Centrix innovations, visit centrrixdental.com.

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