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ProxiDiscs are stainless-steel proximal separator discs that help create space by adjusting tight contacts and by breaking through set cement, or by removing excess materials from interproximal areas. The smooth, round disc easily rolls through tight spaces. ProxiDiscs do not have serrated edges (“saw blades”) to protect enamel and tooth surfaces from the damage of a sawing action.

Diamond ProxiDiscs have a fine diamond-coating on one side and are smooth on the other. After breaking through cement it can quickly remove excess material while protecting enamel on the adjacent tooth. Diamond ProxiDiscs also enable easier placement of matrix bands.

Smooth ProxiDiscs are used to break contacts or to settle teeth when no removal of cement or enamel is desired. The thin, smooth disc easily slides between teeth.

ProxiDiscs are so easy to use. Using a firm rocking motion, simply roll the ProxiDisc through the contact area with pressure to gently remove excess material trapped in interproximal area without damaging the restoration or enamel on both teeth.

Unique design. Diamond-coating. Easy to use. Autoclavable. Centrix makes finishing and polishing easier.

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What is the hole in the handle for?

It is to loop Dental floss through it, for the added safety for your patient.

How to Use this Product


ProxiDiscs® are designed for smoothing contacts or to remove excess bonding agents or cements.

Tie a safety loop of dental floss through the hole in the handle.
Choose the preferred disc, (smooth sides, or diamond coated where an abrasive effect is preferred).
Using a firm rocking motion, roll the ProxiDisc through the contact area with pressure to remove excess material trapped in tight interproximal area.
If additional removal of excess materials or tooth/enamel is required, move the ProxiDisc buccolingually until you feel the restoration settling onto the adjacent tooth as the abrasive diamond coating relieves the pressure.
After use, ProxiDiscs may be sterilized in autoclave or disinfected with appropriate disinfectant.
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