Pit & Fissure Sealant
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Champ is a bioactive light-activated, pit and fissure sealant that does not require a bonding agent. Champ utilizes a moisture-tolerant chemistry that seals out micro-leakage for a long-lasting sealant. Simply etch, rinse, apply and cure.

Champ is packaged in our convenient single dose LolliPack®. It offers the same user convenience and patient-friendliness of our FluoroDose fluoride varnish package. Hygienists love it because it is easier to use than syringe-delivered sealants, with easier access to all surfaces and all areas, especially in the posterior. And it eliminates the need for time-consuming infection control procedures - no sheaths or disinfection of syringes, no expensive brush tips, no cross-contamination. Each application contains one 0.25mL dose of Champ sealant and one Benda Brush applicator.

  • Fluoride and phosphate release
  • Single-step, brush-on application
  • No bonding agent required
  • Bioactive resin with antibacterial properties
  • Unique moisture friendly chemistry tightly seals margins, eliminating pitting, chipping or staining
  • BPA-free. No Bisphenol A (BPA), no Bis-GMA, no Bis-DMA
  • Simple, disposable packaging – better inventory control, no cross-contamination and easier cleanup
  • Economical – no infection control steps, low cost per use, accurate inventory control
  • Made in the USA

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Does Champ contain fluoride?

Yes, it does.

How long will Champ last in the mouth?

Champ will last approximately 3 years unless there are extenuating factors like bruxism. Based on clinical studies, the loss of sealant from occulasal surfaces averages 5% to 10% a year while the loss of sealant from buccal and lingual surfaces increases to 30% a year.

How to Use this Product

Thoroughly clean enamel surfaces with oil-free cleaning paste. Remove all debris.
Rinse well, removing all residual paste from pits and fissures in enamel.
Prepare problematic enamel.
Isolate treatment area and dry lightly with oil-free compressed air.
Apply phosphoric acid etching gel to the clean tooth surface for 15 seconds. Rinse well.
Lightly dry and remove excess water with a cotton pellet or clean compressed air. Leave tooth surfaces slightly moist. Champ bonds to surfaces slightly moist from saliva; however, it is best to not let saliva contaminate the prep area.
Grip the foil cover and slowly peel back, exposing the brush applicator and sealant well.
Remove applicator brush.
Paint a thin film of Champ onto treatment area. Brush the material from cusp to cusp, but do not cover the marginal ridges.
Light cure. Cures with all lights. Curing time for a halogen light with a minimum of 300 mW/cm2 is 20 seconds. More powerful lights will cure faster.
Check and adjust occlusion if necessary.
Throw away all packaging once procedure complete.
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