C-R® Hybrid

C-R® Hybrid

Self-Cure Composite Resin
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C-R Hybrid is a multi-purpose, self-cure composite that features deep curing and controlled shrinkage towards the tooth. The result is a restoration that exhibits less internal stresses than a light-cured restoration. C-R Hybrid is polishable and available in a universal shade to work in most deep preparations. Makes an excellent bulk-fill base. For improved esthetics, a layer of light-cure composite may be used on top of C-R Hybrid. Made in the USA.

  • Great flowability through a AccuDose high-viscosity tube
  • Cures completely in areas inaccessible to light
  • Formula offers great strength and polishability
  • Radiopaque

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Compressive strength
221 Mpa
Diametral tensile strength
45 Mpa

Will heat accelerate the setting time of CR Hybrid?

Heat will accelerate the setting of C-R Hybrid (and any self cure composite). However, it will not make it set "in seconds." More likely would be the use of certain bonding agents. Bonding agents that contain sulfite chemicals that can cause a self-cure composite to "snap set." It is likely the bonding agent the doctor is using that causes the unusually fast set.

How to Use this Product


Prepare tooth and apply self-cure composite bonding agent
Mix equal amounts of Base and Catalyst pastes.
Do not cross-contaminate jars. 2-1/2 minutes working time from this point on.
Back-load into any Centrix C-R® Syringe tube (not NeedleTube).
Do not load tube more than 1/2 full!
Insert plug into tube.
Load tube into syringe barrel.
Squeeze syringe with a slow, steady pressure and inject.
Finish C-R® Hybrid when fully set (4 to 5 minutes).
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