Access Impression Materials

Access Impression Materials

Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) for All Impression Techniques
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Accurate, dimensionally stable impressions are the critical requirement for well-fitting restorations. That’s why Centrix Access Impression materials feature no-compromise VPS formulas that ensure you of successful results, time after time. Trust Access Impression materials to deliver exacting performance in all crown and bridge cases. Choose from our complete line of ADA-standard viscosities and impression accessories, which are patient-friendly, odor-free and taste-free. Made in the USA.

  • Access GOLD® low viscosity wash material, syringes easily into sulcus and around prep through Access® Impression tips. High contrast color makes it easy to see margins and verify all margins have been captured.
  • Access MONOPHASE® is a non-slumping, medium body tray material for one-step, impressioning techniques. It remains in place while loading into both sides of dual arch trays and helps stabilize the tray, preventing distortion and rebound. Syringeable through Access® Impression tips. Contains hydrophilic additives for higher accuracy and low contact angle.
  • Access HEAVY® is a non-slumping, heavy body tray material. It remains in place while loading both sides of dual arch trays; stabilizes tray and prevents distortion and rebound.

Access Impression Materials Setting Times

ProductGoldMonophaseHeavy BodyPutty
Color Gold Purple Pink White/Blue
Technique Wash, Syringe Injection Tray, One Step Tray Tray
Mixing Time Auto Auto Auto :30
Working Time 1:30 2:00 2:00 2:00
Total Set Time 4:15 4:15 4:15 4:15

Kits include 2 x 50ml, S-50 cartridges plus 6 mixing nozzles

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Can I use Access Blue in a tray with a wash?

Yes. You can use Access Blue in a tray with a wash. A wash in this case is a low viscosity VPS material like Access Gold.

How many impressions will I get from Access Putty?

If you are making 3 unit impressions, expect to get 50 to 75 from one finished goods. (2-3 finger full worth of materials each)
If you are making full mouth impressions, expect to get 25 from one finished goods. (full scoops each)
The scoops VERY generously use the materials, and would be overkill for a 3 unit impression.

What are the specifications for the mixing nozzles?

The Access VPS impression materials uses 1:1 automix nozzles. The internal diameter is 6.5mm; it has 11 elements; and a straight end. The hub is green (also called teal) and the mixing element is natural or clear.

When would using Putty cause distortions in Impressions?

A distortion can take place in a Putty/Wash impression technique when the user takes the putty impression PRIOR to placing the Access Gold or similar wash VPS material. The removal of the set Putty causes the distortion, which may be called out by the lab. It is better to place both materials at the same time, which is technique sensitive. Or change to a Heavy/Wash technique, using Access Gold for the Wash and Access Purple, Heavy or Monophase for the Heavy VPS material.

Are the VPS materials radiopaque?

No, they all are radiolucent.

NOTE: The adhesive does not always secure sufficient adhesion to trays made of other plastic materials or individual trays made of base plates. A polyether adhesive must be used for polyether impression materials.

Instructions for Use:

Apply a thin layer of Access® Tray Adhesive to the tray using the applicator brush.
Allow to dry for at least 3 minutes.
Load the tray with impression material and take the impression.



Access Impression Materials are addition reaction silicones which offer excellent physical and dimensional properties. Highly accurate and stable, Access impressions may be poured immediately or up to two (2) weeks after the impression is made. The material is odorless and tasteless, and may be soaked in common disinfecting solutions without distortion. Special hydrophilic surfactants have been added to Access Impression Materials to allow them to be moisture compatible. Any of the viscosities will chemically adhere to another viscosity, permitting a wide range of possible techniques.


Note: For faster procedures, it is advisable to use two (2) mixing dispensers.

Always apply a thin layer of Access Impression Material Tray Adhesive to a clean, dry impression tray. Allow to air dry for five (5) minutes before using. Contact with latex gloves, hemostatic agents, hand lotions, eugenol or sulphur compounds may interfere with the setting properties of Access Impression Materials.



Note: Do not mix putty with latex gloved hands!


Note: Do not mix putty with latex gloved hands!

Working Times

Access Gold

Viscosity: Low
Technique: Syringe Injection
Mixing Time: Auto
Working Time: 1':30"
Setting Time in mouth: 2':00"
Total Setting time: 4':15"

Access Monophase

Viscosity: Medium
Technique: One Step
Mixing Time: Auto
Working Time: 2':00"
Setting Time in mouth: 2':00"
Total Setting time: 4':15"

Access Heavy

Viscosity: High
Technique: Tray
Mixing Time: Auto
Working Time: 2':00"
Setting Time in mouth: 2':00"
Total Setting time: 4':15"

Access Blue

Viscosity: Fast Bite
Technique: Bite Registration
Mixing Time: Auto
Working Time: 0':30"
Setting Time in mouth:1':00"
Total Setting Time: 1':30"

Access Putty

Viscosity: Putty
Technique: Tray
Mixing Time: 0':30"
Working Time: 2':00"
Setting Time in mouth:1':45"
Total Setting Time: 4':15"

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