Access®FLO gives better retraction results with our without packing cord.

AccessFLO is a flowable kaolin clay retraction paste best known for it’s smooth delivery, hence the name FLO. However, the dual astringent / hemostatic action of 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay controls bleeding and seepage of fluids like no other. AccessFLO gives gentle, non-traumatic gingival retraction without packing cord.

AccessFLO is used prior to all crown & bridge impression procedures. Packaged in single-use Centrix syringe tips, Access Flo saves time while eliminating cross-contamination.

Simply insert a tip into your Centrix syringe and inject into and around the sulcus. Minimally invasive and tissue friendly, AccessFLO allows for quick and easy tissue displacement without the need for packing cord. Use a GingiCap™ with bite pressure for a minimum of 2 minutes to open the sulcus. AccessFLO creates gentle, yet effective retraction without the need to pack cord in most cases. It can also be used in conjunction with cord, acting as a second cord in a “2 cord technique”. Access Flo is easily rinsed out and removed with water spray and vacuum.

Though AccessFLO will work with any composite syringe, we find that our Mark II™ Snap-Fit™ Syringe* works best. For a limited time, receive a FREE Mark II Snap-Fit Syringe with Any AccessFLO purchase!

Just another way that Centrix is making dentistry easier!

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