Margaret Palmer Dragan (1936 – 2015)

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Margaret Palmer Dragan

Devoted wife of Dr. William Dragan.
Beloved mother of Bill, Christopher and Alissa.
Instrumental in the development and early success of Centrix
She will be greatly missed.

Margaret Palmer Dragan, age 78, of Easton, CT, beloved wife of Dr. William B. Dragan, passed away on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 in St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT, with her family by her side.

Margaret was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the late Morris S. and Emma (Sangmeister) Palmer, and has since been a long-time Connecticut resident. She was a graduate of Stratford High School and earned a BA in Art History from Manhattanville College. She was a very talented painter specializing in botanicals. Those who attended Margaret’s services saw examples of her talent—beautiful botanical flowers and a favorite of Dr. Dragan’s, a painting Margaret created showing a bird’s nest filled with blue robin’s eggs.

Margaret was a member and Past President of the Easton Garden Club, and the Notre Dame of Easton Church Book Club. She enjoyed working in her many gardens and had quite a green thumb. She also enjoyed traveling the world with her husband… some of her favorite trips were to Italy and Egypt.

Margaret was a talented woman, however, she was first and foremost a beloved wife, mother and grandmother. Survivors, in addition to her beloved husband, include her children, William Dragan and his wife Stephanie of Orange, Christopher Dragan and his wife Debbie Bruno of Monroe, and Alissa Dragan and her husband Toby Hampp of Milford, and four cherished grandchildren, Emma, Molly, Max and Mari.

Margaret left them too soon and too suddenly and the grieving will take time, but the love and support they have received makes this hard time a little bit easier.

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Centrix Dental Announces New Vice President Of Sales and Marketing

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September 30, 2014, Shelton, CT: 

Centrix, Inc. is excited to announce that Robert Nordquist has joined the Centrix team as Vice President of Sales & Marketing with global responsibility for all customer-facing activities.

Mr. Nordquist is a highly regarded dental industry executive with broad experience in the United States and abroad. He has held senior marketing and sales positions at Air Techniques, Ultradent, Kerr, Coltene/Whaledent and DentalEZ. His experience includes both distribution-based as well as direct sales programs, both building new sales teams and reshaping teams of over 100 sales professionals. Internationally, Robert has strong experience growing distributor networks, as well as having lived in Europe and directly working with distributor customers.

As a marketer, Mr. Nordquist has led all facets of the marketing process and has strong KOL experience to develop clinically relevant marketing and sales programs.

“Centrix is a dentist-centric company that has introduced some of the most important, practice-changing products in dentistry. Dr. William B. Dragan developed the revolutionary unit-dose cartridges for composites and cements and the ‘lolli’ packaging for topicals, varnishes and sealants that has made restorative dentistry more efficient and more effective. Centrix delivery systems remain the gold standard for both Centrix products and those from many other companies.”

Mr. Nordquist is based at the Centrix headquarters in Shelton, CT, USA.

About Centrix

Centrix, Inc. manufactures and sells a complete line of dental products to the dental industry. Our range of over 300 innovative products include temporary crown and bridge materials, applicators, delivery systems, impression materials, cements, and other products that “make dentistry easier”.

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Kicking off the Dental Show Season with CDA!

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September always kicks off the busy show season in the dental world. We’re packing up and heading out west to visit one of our favorite cities, San Francisco, for CDA Presents which is happening 9/4-9/6/14. We’ll be at booth #1837, ready to dazzle you with our latest innovations, and our sparkling personalities.

This year’s show is jam-packed with educational and fun activities!

For starters, Dr. Howard Glazer, fellow and past president of the Academy of General Dentistry and former assistant clinical professor of dentistry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, will be speaking about Centrix Products in his lecture called “What’s Hot and Getting Hotter” on Friday, Sept 5th , 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. He’ll cover Access Edge, GripStrip, Access Crown, GingiTrac and Tempit.

Then, when you visit booth #1837, you’ll get to try our amazing and innovative GripStrip “Operation-Style” Game. Try to get the GripStrip through the course without being BUZZED! Prizes for the winners!


Now, let’s see what’s new since last year’s CDA:

1) Centrix GripStrip®: We’ve added 2 new grits to our GripStrip Family: Coarse and Fine. Now “Medium” doesn’t feel so lonely! Each strip contains two different grit sizes, so you can finish and polish with only one strip.Check out this great IPR product on our website!

2) Access Crown® Ultra: Our newest temporary crown and bridge material is a fast-set, self-cure, cold polymerizing paste, bis-acryl composite designed for easy fabrication of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. Compared to the original Access Crown® formula, it has a faster intraoral set-time, and higher compressive and flexural strengths. More info can be found on our website or on our previous blog post.

3) Centrix on Facebook! We now have over 9,100 fans on our page, and we’d love for you to check it out. Our Facebook page contains the latest info on our products, dental meetings, dental trends and breakthroughs, humor and general good times. We happen to like our page and we hope you will too! We’re also known for our Facebook Friday Freebies (say that 5 times fast), so please check back each week to grab some free product.

4) Centrix on Twitter! We’ve really gathered quite a great following and hope to connect with more like-minded companies that love how we Make Dentistry Easier. If you want to hear the latest news quickly, then our Twitter feed is the place to be. We are going to offer Twitter-Only specials at CDA, so check out @CentrixInc and #cdaSF constantly during the show. You wouldn’t want to miss anything!

There’s a lot more we could talk about here, but we do a much better job in person. Stop by CDA, San Francisco, Booth #1837 and see for yourself!

At Centrix we make dentistry easier!

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Disposable Tubes & Plugs Eliminate Pad-to-Mouth Motion

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The Centrix disposable tubes and plugs eliminate repetitive pad-to-mouth motion by putting the entire mixture at your fingertips. You can quickly and more cost-effectively dispense any type of composite or cement while reducing voids and porosities in any restoration.

Centrix tubes and plugs are disposable, therefore you will completely eliminate cleanup and cross contamination. No matter what application or viscosity material you need to dispense there is a Centrix tube and plug to get the job done right. Trusted and clinically proven for over 40 years!

Low Viscosity AccuDose: An all purpose tip for medium viscosity, flowable materials such as composites, core materials and cements.  The tip can be clipped to a larger opening if needed.  The PhotoBloc™ orange color extends the working time of light activated materials.

High Viscosity AccuDose: A tip for high viscosity, heavy materials such as thick composites and core buildup materials.  Large opening allows placement of even the most heavy bodied materials into small areas.  The PhotoBloc orange color extends the working time of light activated materials.

24ga NeedleTube:  We’ve now added the 24-gauge NeedleTube to our AccuDose line. The 24-gauge NeedleTube can syringe many types of low viscosity materials, such as composites, cements, glass ionomers, impression materials and other flowable products. As with all Centrix NeedleTubes, the 24-gauge saves time by allowing you to have the entire mixture of material right at your fingertips and eliminating the constant pad-to-mouth motion. The longer needle allows for precise application of low viscosity materials and reduces voids and porosities in any restoration.

20ga NeedleTube:  A tip with a 20ga bendable blunt needle, for the most precise placement of materials such as cements, base materials, core buildup materials and any other gel type materials.  Especially useful for injecting materials into postholes and deep proximal boxes.  The PhotoBloc orange color extends the working time of light activated materials.

19ga NeedleTube: A tip with a 19ga bendable blunt needle, for the most precise placement of slightly thicker materials such as cements, base materials, core buildup materials and any other gel type materials.  Especially useful for injecting materials into postholes and deep proximal boxes.

Ribbon Tube:  A tip with a crimped, flat end for dispensing a thin and wide ribbon of material.  Especially useful for loading luting cements or composites when placing veneers.  The PhotoBloc orange color extends the working time of light activated materials.

PCR Clear: The original C-R syringe tip.  An all purpose tip for medium viscosity, flowable materials such as composites, core materials and cements.

PCR Black: A black version of clear tip.  Designed to extend the working time of light activated materials.  An all purpose tip for medium viscosity, flowable materials such as composites, core materials and cements

PCR Opaque:  A grey tip that accommodates a larger volume of material than the clear and black tip.  An all purpose tip for medium viscosity, flowable materials such as composites, core materials and cements.

How to Use:

  1. Select appropriate tube for material.
  2. Place material on mixing pad.
  3. Backload material into tube. Do not load more than 1/2 full.
  4. Insert plug fully into tube.
  5. Place tube into the syringe barrel.
  6. Squeeze syringe with a slow, steady pressure.
  7. Dispose of tube.
  8. Sterilize syringe.

Fill. Load. Express. It’s that easy.

For more information, please call 203-929-5582 or click here.

Centrix Announces a new RAM for the Mid-Atlantic Region

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Centrix adds Penny Durbin to further Support the Preferred Dealer Network

To date our Regional Account Managers (RAMs) have helped build the bottom line for more than 500 Dealer Representatives.

June 25, 2014, Shelton, CT: In our continuing effort to create value for you, our preferred partners, Centrix has added another Regional Account Manager to our dealer support team: Penny Durbin. Preferred Dealers in the Mid-Atlantic Region, including NJ, PA, VA, DE, MD and DC will have direct access to Penny’s experience and product knowledge.

Penny comes to Centrix from Ricoh USA, where she delivered high impact sales presentations to drive business. She provided exceptional customer service to all of her clients, while managing and developing her territory base by creating solutions for her newer customers. Prior to that she was a Sales Representative, where she excelled in meeting and exceeding monthly sales goals, maintaining customer relationships as well as delivering effective sales presentations to drive more business.

Preferred Dealer reps all around the country have utilized RAMs to help demonstrate the growing Centrix product line, follow up with dentists, and support you in the selling process.

As Penny supports you in her new territory, please contact her directly to find out all the ways Centrix makes dentistry easier, or for specific product training. Penny can be reached at 609-635-9907 or via email at

Get a Grip on your Strip…

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Centrix GripStrip™ diamond-coated finishing and polishing strips are like no other strip on the market. Our unique combination of features makes GripStrip stand out among the competition.

Every Centrix GripStrip™ Features Two Grit Sizes, Innovative Grip Tabs and is Autoclavable!

Because our strips contain two working areas of different grit sizes – a coarser grit for stripping and removing material, and a finer grit for polishing – you can finish and polish with only one tool. Use GripStrip to contour and bevel, or to remove excess material and over- hangs in filling surfaces and crown borders. Strong yet flexible, GripStrip reaches curved surfaces without breaking.

A “free middle zone,” which is uncoated and contains no grit, helps you get between spaces to your designated contact point on the restoration. Wide, perforated ends allow for a secure, ergonomic grip. And because it’s autoclavable, GripStrip saves you money.

GripStrip Features:

• Ideal for smoothing, contouring, finishing and trimming proximal, incisal and interproximal areas
• Diamond-coated stainless steel metal strips
• Finishing and polishing in one step with two, color-coded working areas with different grit sizes
• Unique “free middle zone” to easily reach contact point • Ergonomically designed handles help you pull through tight contact areas
• Our “Coarse” strips features a perforated design that provides flexibility, prevents chattering on the tooth surface and reduces friction for ease of sliding between teeth
• Autoclavable
• Available in boxes containing 12 diamond-coated strips

Indications for use:

• Shaping and finishing of all existing aesthetic restorations
• Modeling, finishing and polishing of fillings and crown borders in interproximal areas
• Removal of excess material and overhangs in fillings and crown borders
• Beveling in adhesive restorations in cervical interproximal areas
• Removal of pigmentations in the interproximal areas.
• Facilitating orthodontic movement of crowded teeth by opening interproximal spaces

Product Description:

• Stainless steel Metal strip, diamond-coated on one side, with two working parts of different grit sizes:
- Fine: 15 μm (yellow) and 8 μm (orange)
- Medium: 40 μm (red) and 15 μm (yellow)
- Coarse: 80 μm (blue) and 40 μm (red)
- Assorted: 4 strips each of Fine, Medium and Coarse

• Perforated anatomical ends for better gripping
• Height: 2.5mm
• Total length: 80mm
• Thickness: 0.05mm


Ordering Information:

REF 860012 

GripStrip Fine, 12 strips
Finishing (yellow end) – 15 μm; Polishing (orange end) – 8 μm


REF 860010

GripStrip Medium, 12 strips
Finishing (red end) – 40 μm; Polishing (yellow end) – 15 μm


REF 860011

GripStrip Coarse, 12 strips
Finishing (blue end) – 80 μm; Polishing (red end) – 40 μm


REF 860013

GripStrip Assorted, 12 strips
(Contains 4-strips of Fine, Medium and Coarse grit sizes)


At Centrix, we make dentistry easier!
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THE DENTAL ADVISOR gives high ratings to Centrix Products

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The Mark II Syringe is recommended to dispense Access FLO (seen here in the pre-filled blue tube)


Centrix recently asked THE DENTAL ADVISOR to review two of our top products, Access® Flo and Access® Crown. We know our products are great and our customers know these products work well for them. Therefore, we wanted to back up the claims with a clinical evaluation that really outlined the best features of each product.

Both Access Flo and Access Crown scored high on THE DENTAL ADVISOR rating scale: Access Flo received 4 pluses and Access Crown received 4.5 pluses. We couldn’t be happier!

The Rating is based on a scale of 1 to 5:
+ + + + + = Excellent (96% – 100%)
+ + + + = Very Good (86% – 95%)
+ + + = Good (76% – 85%)
+ + = Fair (66% – 75%)
+ = Poor (56% – 65%)

According to THE DENTAL ADVISOR, the definition of a clinical evaluation is “…a concise, objective, accurate, evidence-based article on how a dental product or piece of equipment performs in a general dentistry practice.”

Read what the experts had to say below. Click on each link to read the clinical evaluation of each product.

Access Flo Clinical Evaluation

Access Crown Clinical Evaluation

For more information, call (800) 235-5862 or visit

GingiTrac Retraction Material makes an “impression” in Florida!

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Centrix is known for having great customers. They are loyal product users and are not shy about sharing their opinions. We love feedback! Recently, one of our customers, Dr. Matthew Giunta, from Tampa, Florida, wrote a great piece on our favorite retraction material: GingiTrac. Read the article below in Dr. Giunta’s own words. We hope his testimonial makes a great “impression” on you as well!

“Recently, I began using Centrix’ GingiTrac for retraction prior to the final impression for single and multiple crown units. GingiTrac is a PVS-based retraction material containing an aluminum-sulfate astringent that advertises faster retraction, tissue control, and easier clean-up than other “gel” based retraction products.  Centrix sent me a starter kit of the mini-mix for review.  Below is everything included with the kit.

From left to right: the mini-mix gun for dispening GinTrac, GingCaps for compression of the tissues,  Gingitrac syringes good for 2-3 units

The product has a simple protocol.  Crown prep as normal and dispense Gingitrac around the prep in a similar fashion to light-bodied PVS when taking the final impression for the lab.  No manipulation of the tissues or creation of a dry-field beyond air-drying is necessary.  Next, syringe a portion of the GingiTrac material into a “GingiCap” which will be used for compression.  The patient will bite on the GingiCap for approximately two minutes.  If multiple units are being impressed, bite registration material can serve the same purpose as a GingiCap.

Picture taken after removal of GingiTrac prior to final impression

Set GingiTrac material removed in 1-piece prior to final impression

First-molar impression using GingiTrac for retraction

GingiTrac has indeed  simplified the crown procedure lessening chair-time which makes the patient happy and our office more productive .Unlike other gel-based retraction products which have a tendency to leave remnants behind after rinsing, GingiTrac provides easy clean-up prior to impressing.  Simply grab the set GingiTrac material with cotton pliers and it will dislodge in one piece.  Another advantage to GingiTrac when compared to cord is less manipulation and traumatization of the gingiva resulting in less local anesthetic usage.

If you are thinking about giving GingiTrac a try, you will choose between an automix and mini form.  The Mini-mix gun is ideal if you typically impress 1 or 2 units at a time, while the automix gun is better suited for multiple units.  I have been using GingiTrac now for approximately 1 month as my only means of retraction and the results have been excellent.

–Dr. Matthew Giunta

(as seen on the DentalTown message board 1/21/14)


At Centrix, we make dentistry easier!

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Centrix donates to Just Kids Dental

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To our friends at Centrix, Inc.,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Just Kids Dental, we would like to thank you for your donation. Every day we are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with caring businesses, like yours, for the improved health and well-being of children.

Through every encounter, Just Kids Dental provides needed preventive dental services and oral health and nutritional education, which in turn, improves overall health. By providing these services, Just Kids Dental reduces the number of school hours lost due to dental disease and the proportion of children with tooth decay.

Thank you for your support of Just Kids Dental. And, thank you very much for your generous donation of FluoroDose fluoride varnish. It is greatly appreciated and will help hundreds of underserved children in rural Minnesota and Wisconsin. We look forward to working together to continue improving the lives of many more deserving children.

Below you will find several quotes from individuals served by Just Kids Dental:

“When I was a child, I did not have a portable dental office to come to our community. A matter of fact, I did not have dental coverage until I was twenty five years old. Now I have a missing tooth which is mainly concealed in the back of my mouth, a couple of bridges and a number of fillings. My family was a low income family and we could not afford the dental care that youth have today.  If my family had access to programs like Just Kids Dental, I know that I would not have the problems I have today with my teeth. The members of the Goldberg Branch Boys & Girls Club really had a teachable moment from Just Dental!”  Tim Kittelson, Dave Goldberg Family Branch Director, Boy & Girls Clubs of the Northland, Duluth, MN

“Wow!  We should be thanking you!  It is a marvelous service that you provide for our students.  Thank you so much!!”  Rhonda Chapin, Elementary School Teacher, Churchill Elementary, Cloquet, MN 

“Preventative measures, such as fluoride varnish, have a long-term impact on a child’s future dental health and well-being.  Centrix Dental’s generous support increased accessibility of oral health prevention for 1,800 area underserved children and for that we are truly grateful!”  Stacey Anderson, Founder/Executive Director, Just Kids Dental   

Please “LIKE” Just Kids Dental on Facebook and please subscribe to our quarterly e-newsletters by visiting our website and clicking on the subscribe button on our homepage.  We would truly appreciate the increased number of friends!    

Stacey Anderson, Executive Director
Laura Jackson, Program Manager
Missy Gens, Program Assistant
Just Kids Dental

Please read more about how Centrix gives back by visiting our Corporate Responsibility page.

Access Crown® Temporary Crowns Made Fast and Easy!

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Centrix is known for making dentistry easier. “Easier” can be determined by many factors: faster process, no mixing, less chair time, easy on your patient, you name it. Access Crown bis-acryl composite just happens to cover all of those bases!

Fast Process, Less Chair Time: Access Crown can be removed from your patient’s mouth in only 60 seconds. It has an elastic behavior during polymerization, and the memory will allow you to pull it from undercuts or non-parallel tooth preparations, returning it to its original form. It is fast and easy to remove without distortion, saving you valuable chair time.

No Mixing: Access Crown is a monomer-free, auto-mix formula with no unpleasant taste or smell; and no messy mixing and far less heat than acrylics. Low shrinkage, low heat, high compressive strength means fewer errors, less stress to patient, and fewer fractures.

Variety of Shades: Access Crown offers seven popular VITA shades and a Bleach Shade, allowing more options for color matching.  All are radiopaque and highly polish-able, with less water uptake …meaning enhanced color stability with less staining.

Easy on your patient: Just inject into pre-operative impression, insert into mouth, and wait one minute. Sets in mouth in 60 seconds, saving you time and allowing you to work faster while providing a less stressful experience to your patient. Access Crown makes dentistry easier with natural-looking composite crowns and bridges.

Access Crown How-To-Use (click to enlarge):

Some of the highlights of Access Crown:

  • Removes from mouth in 60 seconds
  • Low shrinkage, low heat, high compressive strength
  • Enhanced color stability, less staining and radiopaque
  • Seven popular VITA shades, plus bleach shade
  • 40% less waste due to smallest possible mixing tips
  • MMA-free: no unpleasant taste or smell
  • MMA-free: no unpleasant taste or smell
  • Can be easily repaired with flowable composite
  • Compatibility with both eugenol and non-eugenol cements
  • High polishability

At Centrix, we make dentistry easier!

For more information, call (800) 235-5862 or visit

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Access Edge works great. Superior in many ways to Traxodent and Expasyl. Easier to place and won't pull away when placing. Much easier to rinse away. It doesn't dry up like Expasyl because of the unit dispensing. I am no longer ordering the other two products.

- Dr. Cuevas (Fairfield, CT)

The unit dose fluoride is a real time-saver and easy to apply.

- Dr. Michael Kaner (Trevose, PA)

Clean up and application is much easier using Centrix brushes and applicators.

- Dr. Louis Kaufman (Chicago, IL)

I like Centrix for their innovative products and their desire to make dental practice easier for both the doctor and the patient.

- Dr. Howard Glazer (Fort Lee, NJ)

GingiTrac has simplified my crown and bridge procedures therefore reduced my stress levels.

- Dr. David Hecht (Forked River, NJ)

I will say SuperCure is the best core buildup material out there!

- Dr. Michael Smulewitz (Scotch Plains, NJ)

Encore buildup material easy to use makes cutting preps quicker.

- Dr. Felicia Chu (Elgin, IL)

Access Crown allows me to make temporary crowns in half the time.  No need to polish and the margins are perfectly clear.

- Dr. Randy Pritz (New York, NY)

Tempit is very easy to use and hardens faster and more reliably then Cavit. Like the fast set and one time application of Encore Minimix.

- Dr. Ronald Linden (Shelton, CT)

Access Crown is the best temporary material I have ever used. Curing time and minimal shrinkage are biggest advantages.

- Dr. Ruben Romero (San Diego, CA)

I like Centrix for their innovative products and their desire to make dental practice easier for both the doctor and the patient.

- Dr. Howard Glazer (Fort Lee, NJ)

Tempit is a huge time-saver. Less than thirty seconds to fill after an endo, It honestly takes longer to place the cotton pellet.

- Dr. Jonathan Conover (Cincinnati, OH)

I love using SuperCure!  It's ease of dispensing, bulk curing, and NO WAIT to continue on with my preps are awesome.

- Dr. David Wright (Fresno, CA)

Tempit has a nice working consistency. Doesn't crumble on you like when Cavit gets older.

- Dr. Felicia Chu (Elgin, IL)

Tempit is a time saving, fast setting, easily applied material used to seal endodontically-treated teeth in between visits. The unit dose delivery system is ideal in preventing cross-contamination. There is no mixing, no mess, no fuss. It increases our efficiency by spending less time on mixing, applying and on cleanup. My assistant can't decide which part she likes better, the fact that there's no mixing or no mess.

- Dr. Michael Kaner (Trevose, PA)

The Centrix disposable tubes and plugs are a much more efficient way of delivering materials, both low and high viscosity with less waste. The needle tips are perfectly designed for precise placement of materials whether it's cement in a post prep, a proximal box or a core buildup.

- Dr. Michael Kaner (Trevose, PA)

I've used a whole range of centrix products for many years. They are always finding new and better ways to deliver quality dentistry to my patients. I really appreciate that and I have a great deal of trust in what they create for dentistry.

- Dr. Thomas Ohlson (Stamford, CT)

Centrix fluoride varnish is the best, most cost-effective varnish that we have ever used in our office.  It's the perfect amount for children, teens, and even adults, plus goes on almost invisibly.

- Dr. Gregg Fink (Newark, DE)

Love the GingiTrac, much easier and more comfortable for the patients, instead of packing cord.

- Dr. Felicia Chu (Elgin, IL)

I have been very pleased with the value, time savings, and strength of the Centrix product Access Crown. My assistant is able to make perfect temporaries that don't break in about 5 minutes.

- Dr. Charles Newens (Carmichael, CA)

We used to use IRM but it was so sticky and it sometimes came out by the time our patients got to the parking lot, but then our wonderful Centrix representative told us about Tempit, and we have not stopped using it since.  It is light-cured and saves not only my own time but time for my patients too (because they do not have to come back when their IRM temporary filling comes out)!  Centrix truly makes dentistry for us at Olympia Fields Dental Associates easier...thank you!

- Dr. Roshan Parikh (Olympia Fields, IL)

No crown or bridge impression is made in my office without Centrix's GingiTrac. It's so easy to use, and gives me very accurate impressions every time.

- Dr. Chris Ricker (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

One of the more forward thinking dental supply companies — always looking to reinvent a product to make it better and easier to use. Very responsive to dentist input.

- Dr. Larry Krevitz (Hatboro, PA)

I use Centrix almost exclusively for my temps, really like the ease of use, functional, and esthetic capabilities for a temporary material. I really like the Encore D/C core build up material. Cuts very similar to dentin and I like the delivery system with the unidose and metal tips.

- Dr. Jeffrey Goodman (Pennington, NJ)

I love the GingiTrac system; it is hands down the most efficient time saving retraction system in Dentistry! It works every time and is so much more comfortable to the patient than using retraction cord.  I couldn't practice without it.

- Dr. Craig Sater (Cocoa, FL)

Just about most of the products that I tested made my life a lot easier, especially the Centrix retraction and matrix material and the Access Crown temp material. I have found Access to be one of the best temp materials I have used in my 25 years and the most cost effective.

- Dr. Joseph Romanelli (Fairfield, CT)

Encore DC MiniMix by Centrix makes a Post and Core easier and faster.  Combined with a dual cure bonding agent I cement the post and make the build up at the same time.  It is easier and faster than using a cement for the post and another for the core.

- Dr. Ronald Chaiklin (North Arlington, NJ)

Tempit is a product that I have used for years.  The easy use in sealing endodontic access sites and the fact that it does not adversely affect bond strengths with bonding agents or cements makes this a superior product for everyday use.

- Dr. Terry Hopper (Austell, GA)

I have been using Centrix's Encore D/C MiniMix for over a year now. It is hands down the easiest, most efficient core build-up on the market. The price can't be beat on it as well. This core build-up blows away the competition: it is ridiculously easy to place, it doesn't slump, it cures fast, it stays in place, and it cuts well! What more could you ask for in a core-buildup material?

- Dr. Gary Klein (Harrisburg, PA)

I use Tempit for interim filling of root canal access openings.  The material is easy to adapt and firm enough to hold its shape until set.  Low stickiness to instruments and fast reliable placement with the CR syringe makes it our material of choice for short term provisional filling of the endo access.

- Dr. Jeff Kosoris (Waxahachie, TX)

The CR syringe is our workhorse for composite placement.  Most composites are available in prefilled tips that perfectly fit the CR.  I have found it to be durable, comfortable in the hand, precise in dispensing, and easy to reload with fresh tips.  It's the best product for dispensing composite resin I have found.

- Dr. Jeff Kosoris (Waxahachie, TX)

My Centrix Rep, Tammy Micenko, is experienced, knowledgeable, and has been very instrumental in the common sense implementation of Centrix products in my office. Centrix unit dose packaging has streamlined my practice. There is less material waste and its packaging is aseptic on its delivery at the chair. These products are less chair-side assistant dependent. Centrix products simplify the delivery of care making practice more enjoyable. Thank you Tammy.

- Dr. Tim Crowe (Chicago, IL)

We have switched from UltraSeal XT by Ultradent to Champ exclusively because of its simplicity. When placing sealants, our hygienists only have small window to place the sealants, before the child becomes uncooperative. With Champ, we are able to place the sealant into the grooves securely and efficiently. With the other product, we used to have to take a microbrush and "pat" down the sealant, Champ eliminates this step for us.
Thanks for making sealants go quicker for both our hygienists and our patients!

— Dr. Gary Klein (Klein Family Dentistry), Harrisburg, PA

The beauty of using GingiTrac is that not only does it offer an easy way to get nice gingival retraction, but it cleans the prep area as if you are taking a clean second impression.  Details of the prep are cleaner and easier to read. GingiTrac can be easily used with or without retraction cords depending of depth of preparation and tissue thickness.

— Dr. Allen Schneider (Springfield, VA)