We all know that Centrix makes dentistry easier, but does that mean that we have to travel to the South Pole to do so? Dr. Bob Koff from Colorado says YES! He’s shown here holding a box of Encore® A/F, our self-cure composite core buildup material, and a Centrix E/Z™ syringe.

Dr. Bob headed to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, in August of this year, and has been chronicling his adventures on a very enjoyable blog entitled “Frozen Dentist”. Please note, it’s not always dentistry he’s writing about. Penguins, frigid weather conditions, cross-country ski organization, and some very messy chicken carcasses also feature into his storytelling.

Dr. Bob had to tote along enough dental supplies to last him through the “summer” season, which ends in February next year…and of course, Centrix was eager to help his mission Centrix has always been dedicated to improving the dental health of the world population. You can read more about our product donations and assistance on our Corporate Responsibility page.

As always, we enjoy doctors that travel off the beaten path to bring dental care to all corners of the world…and like us… have fun doing it!

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